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How do I view, modify or import old CT600 returns? (Practice customers)
If you want to open a CT600 return made in an earlier version of TaxCalc, follow these steps: Go to Practice Manager. Click on Import Client Select the tax year you wish to import the file from click Continue Choose if you want to import a single return or multiple returns and Browse to...
rating 29 Mar, 2022 Views: 2749
How do I move my tax return between two computers to file online? (Individual Users)
To move your tax return between two computers, it is recommended follow these steps: Complete your tax return and save it to a known location using File > Save. To find a tax return that you've already saved, go to My Returns, click on your name and make a note of the file location. Exit...
rating 27 Dec, 2019 Views: 2550
Moving older versions of TaxCalc to a new PC (Individual customers)
On occasion you may find that you need to move older versions of TaxCalc (pre-2013) to a new computer. If you purchased the older versions, you can still download and run these versions. Firstly, download and install the required program to the new computer from our website. On the new...
rating 24 Mar, 2021 Views: 2510
How to install the Linux version of TaxCalc
TaxCalc is now available as a native version for Linux users. The installer package should work on most Linux distributions. The process is the almost same as the Windows installation process, but without the option to install for all users or just me. Go to, login and...
rating 04 Jan, 2017 Views: 2471
Is TaxCalc compatible with Windows 10?
The TaxCalc software has been tested on Microsoft Windows 10 and it is compatible on this operating system. For up to date information on compatibility and a full list of supported Operating Systems, the Knowledge Base article System Requirements for TaxCalc provides more information.
rating 09 Jan, 2017 Views: 2426
How do I reset the Hub admin password in TaxCalc
In some cases you may not know, or may need to reset the Hub admin password in TaxCalc. How you reset this will depend upon your TaxCalc licence. Non-Cloud user (Standalone or Network/Server) Open TaxCalc At the login screen, select Problems logging in? Click on I need to reset my admin user...
rating 14 Oct, 2019 Views: 2349
Excluding sites from Proxy Server checking
On some systems user may need to add a website as an exception to their Proxy server. System Admins can exclude the following sites from checking by proxy servers. The main sites users would likely to need to exclude from checking are as follows. * ...
rating 11 Sep, 2018 Views: 2306
Postgres does not always start when the "server" machine is rebooted
On occasion the Postgres service that TaxCalc requires may not start in a timely manner, resulting in a connection error when attempting to start the TaxCalc program. To resolve please follow these steps on the TaxCalc server machine. Click on your Windows logo Type Services and open the...
rating 14 Apr, 2020 Views: 2297
I cannot open my TaxCalc file(s)
If you try to open a TaxCalc return and it will not open, the most likely reason is that you are trying to open it with the wrong year's program. For each year’s returns, you need to perform File > Open using the corresponding year's software. Here is a list of the file extensions and...
rating 24 Mar, 2021 Views: 2189
How do I remove the watermark when printing a return?
If you want to remove a watermark from a tax return, you'll need to amend the printing preferences: Open the tax return. Click on Check and Finish. Click on Print or paper file return. Click on Next Step in the HMRC warning message (if applicable). Un-tick Would you like to add a watermark?...
rating 29 Mar, 2022 Views: 2185
I get "Upgrade Required - You are trying to connect to..." after restoring my database
The following message may appear after restoring a TaxCalc database: This will normally only happen if you have restored a database that was created in an earlier version of the software than the one you are currently using. If you want to keep the database you have restored, simply...
rating 27 Dec, 2019 Views: 2162
TaxCalc application will not open when clicking on the desktop icon
If the TaxCalc application does not open when clicking on the icon, the software is likely stuck in a Windows process on start-up. You can resolve this as follows: Open up the Windows Task Manager (right-click on the task bar then select Start Task Manager) Select the Processes tab. ...
rating 15 Feb, 2018 Views: 2088
How do I fix problems with print preview in TaxCalc?
If you're having problems with print preview, follow these steps to reinstall Adobe Acrobat Reader: Uninstall the program: Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program Uninstall any instances of Adobe Reader Reboot your PC. Go to the Adobe website for the latest version of...
rating 13 Mar, 2017 Views: 2076
Why can't I print PDF attachments?
TaxCalc can only print PDFs created using versions 1.4 to 1.7. To check the version of your PDF, complete the following steps: Open the PDF document. Click on File in the left-hand corner. Click on Properties. Check the version number in the pop-up window. If you can't print the PDF,...
rating 17 Feb, 2021 Views: 2068
How to reset the licence details on a Mac
On occasion you may need to reset your licence details on a mac. This may be required if: you have changed your password for the website login and the program is not asking you to enter the new email/password details you get an Error Code 31 telling you the licence details are incorrect, or ...
rating 27 Dec, 2019 Views: 2031

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