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Recent Articles
Exclusion 57 message explained
You may receive the following error after checking your tax return: HMRC Exclusion #57: In certain circumstances, where a taxpayer is a...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 48
Accrued Income Scheme - entering negative losses
If you have received losses from the Accrued Income Scheme and deeply discounted securities, unfortunately, according to HMRC Exclusion 4 a negative...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 14
Scottish Taxpayer Pension Charge -HMRC Special Case 33
HMRC have identified an issue whereby the Annual Allowance (pension) Charge calculated, is not always correct for Scottish rate taxpayers. The...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 3
Pension Tax Charge payment rounding - HMRC Special Case 32
If your pension contributions entered on your tax return have exceeded the annual allowance (currently £40,000), you may have incurred a pension...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 13
Exclusion 81 2017/18 :Top Slicing Relief
When an individual has a chargeable event gain in a year, Top Slicing Relief (TSR) is applied to the gain. TSR requires two calculations: The...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 82

Most Viewed
What is a 1046 authentication error?
When you receive the 1046 error message, this is because the details entered when attempting to file are incorrect, or they do not match what HMRC...
rating 28 Jun, 2017 Views: 94155
TaxCalc release notes
TaxCalc Product Update Version 10.4.002 Released on 26th November 2019 Applying the Update Please note: Customers who have not yet updated to...
rating 05 Dec, 2019 Views: 84480
Update to refunds made by HMRC
On 1st April 2015, HMRC updated their system to change the way they allocate repayments of overpaid tax. HMRC will only process the refund using...
rating 22 Mar, 2016 Views: 52097
Useful HMRC links and contact numbers
Personal Tax How to pay HMRC – Different ways to pay your Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax Online Services Helpdesk – Help signing...
rating 28 Jun, 2017 Views: 48346
How do I resubmit a return or file an amended return?
If, after making a successful submission, you need to make changes and file an amended return. Please see the video tutorial for a walk through of...
rating 21 Mar, 2019 Views: 31593