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Backing up and Restoring
How do I back up the database?
TaxCalc uses a database to store client, accounts and tax return data. This SimpleStep guide will help you to take regular backups. If you run TaxCalc on a network, you must perform the backup on your server. You can't run a backup remotely from a computer that's connected to the server. If...
rating 20 Jan, 2022 Views: 7148
Automatic backup of TaxCalc on a server
The network version of TaxCalc uses the Postgres database engine. Backups need to be made on the server itself - there is no capability for users to make an automatic backup of the database from a 'client' computer. In a full blown server environment it may not be possible or desirable for users...
rating 27 Dec, 2019 Views: 4564
Where is my database stored and can I move it? (Practice users)
The database cannot be moved due to system settings within the software. The locations are as follows. Windows Standalone users The database is called hub.sqlite. If you selected the just me option during installation, the database will be here: C:\Users\(Your...
rating 27 Mar, 2017 Views: 3589
How do I move my tax return between two computers to file online? (Individual Users)
To move your tax return between two computers, it is recommended follow these steps: Complete your tax return and save it to a known location using File > Save. To find a tax return that you've already saved, go to My Returns, click on your name and make a note of the file location. Exit...
rating 27 Dec, 2019 Views: 2910
Cannot make a backup when TaxCalc needs updating (CloudConnect customers only)
Some customers have experienced a problem when trying to update their copy of TaxCalc on the TaxCalc CloudConnect platform. The following message is received: Once running v11.15.087 or later, you will also receive the following notification: The program will not let users make a backup...
rating 09 Mar, 2023 Views: 2397
I get "Upgrade Required - You are trying to connect to..." after restoring my database
The following message may appear after restoring a TaxCalc database: This will normally only happen if you have restored a database that was created in an earlier version of the software than the one you are currently using. If you want to keep the database you have restored, simply...
rating 27 Dec, 2019 Views: 2343
How do I change the password for a user?
Please see below the step by step instructions on how to change a password for TaxCalc users (other than admin). Step 1: Log into TaxCalc as the admin user Open TaxCalc and log in with your admin username and password Step 2: Open Admin Launch Admin from the home screen. Step 3:...
rating 07 Jul, 2020 Views: 1258
I can't find a client or associated data in the application - Practice users only!
If you are a non-practice user (you purchase a product listed for Individuals, Trusts or Businesses) please see our article for How do I find a missing file? (Individual, Partnership and Limited Company users) In terms of the TaxCalc application, measures are in place to prevent any data loss....
rating 18 May, 2021 Views: 1115
"Restore Error" shown when trying to restore a database through the Hub
On occasion when users are restoring a database through the hub, the following error can occur. Restore Status Restore Error - The database restore has failed as the backup file cannot be read. This could be a result of a network connection error or possibly a hardware issue, please check and...
rating 27 Dec, 2019 Views: 1097
Problems encountered when backing up or restoring TaxCalc
There are currently no known issues with the backup or restore routines in TaxCalc. However if there are problems that occur then it is recommended to check the following attributes: When restoring a backup, make sure that the file format is correct for the database type you are running. For...
rating 27 Dec, 2019 Views: 809
How to import/restore tax return files when moving from the personal to practice interface?
Your tax returns are still present within your folder structure. The practice version of TaxCalc utilises a database to store your data instead of individual tax return files. You simply need to import your returns into the database. Locate your Tax return files. Before starting ensure you know...
rating 29 Mar, 2022 Views: 731
Can I skip making a backup when an update is run
In recent versions of TaxCalc the user will be prompted to allow a backup to be made when the update runs if it is started from the notifications tab. This dialog has been included to ensure that appropriate backups are taken at the point the database is upgraded. TaxCalc recommends you allow...
rating 20 Jan, 2022 Views: 479
Can I back up using Mozy Pro?
A customer reported problems with restoring a backup made using 'i-sure' (a MozyPro based service from Barclays). It transpired that the user was backing up the TaxCalc hub folder (which contains the database files) rather than backing up the database as recommended. Further investigation...
rating 18 Mar, 2016 Views: 380
Error message when restoring database: Please close other [n] connections to DB (hub) and try again
If you receive this error message when restoring a database, it means that the program is unable to close all the active connections to the database. First, make sure that no other users are logged into TaxCalc and try to restore the database again. If this doesn't work, follow these steps...
rating 18 Mar, 2016 Views: 363
TaxCalc Backups
How to backup the TaxCalc application on the different installation types: NOTE: We do not hold any data with respect to the databases of Standalone or Server/Network users. It is the responsibility to the end-user to ensure that the necessary files are backed up. It is important to backup your...
rating 01 Sep, 2022 Views: 330

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