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Accounts Production
Brought forward amounts at the start of the current accounting period do not match the carry forward amounts in the comparative period
TaxCalc will show any errors that will prevent successful submission of the accounts to Companies House on the Check and Finish page within Accounts Production. The error messages that are displayed appear based on postings made, which should match between the current and comparative accounting...
rating 04 Apr, 2023 Views: 20023
How do I make adjustments to prior years?
There are two different types of Prior Year Adjustments that you may need to post from time to time. For further information on how to deal with those situations please refer to the below articles: Prior Year Adjustments for the Profit and Loss Prior Year Adjustments for the Balance Sheet ...
rating 11 Apr, 2023 Views: 19008
How do I import a Trial Balance using a CSV?
You can save time when importing Trial Balances into Accounts Production by exporting a CSV (comma-separated values) file from your bookkeeping software. This is quicker than manually entering the data. Below is a short video that will take you through the import routine. Alternatively, for a...
rating 27 Apr, 2020 Views: 18356
Error message: 9999 when filing to Companies House
If you receive error message 9999 when trying to file to Companies House, this could be for a large number of reasons but is usually due to an issue with the content of the accounts. We may be able to resolve your query quicker if you can provide us with the failed submission details. To provide...
rating 10 Jan, 2024 Views: 18104
How do I apply for a Presenter Identifier and Presenter Authentication Code from Companies House?
A Presenter Identifier and Presenter Authentication Code are always necessary if you file accounts through third party software. The Presenter ID starts with 000 and ends with 000. This is a mixture of numbers and letters and is 11 characters long. The Authentication code is a mixture of numbers...
rating 22 May, 2023 Views: 18003
Error code 8023 – fatal: EF documents not found
You may receive this message if you check for the response too quickly after the submission has been processed. We recommend that you click on Check Status an hour after the submission has processed. Alternatively this message can appear if Companies House are having problems with their system....
rating 10 Aug, 2017 Views: 10695
What are Advanced Rounding Rules?
Rounding will take place where the Trial Balance is rounded to pounds and the Debit and Credit rounded totals do not agree. As standard, any rounding difference will be allocated to the account code specified under Rounding Differences at the bottom of the Posting screen (default rounding...
rating 21 Jun, 2022 Views: 8230
Getting started user guide (Practice Customers)
This guide gives you an overall picture on how to create new clients, set up the application and get started with Tax Return Production and Accounts . Please see the video below for information on getting started. Alternatively this has also been detailed below in writing. PLEASE NOTE: This...
rating 29 Mar, 2022 Views: 7921
How do I show comparative figures in Accounts Production?
To display comparative figures you need to input the final trial balance for that accounting period into Accounts Production. Follow these steps: Create a new period and enter the prior year’s dates. Create a batch for the final trial balance. If the dates follow each other, the comparative...
rating 31 Jan, 2020 Views: 7596
#502 – fatal: Authorisation Failure (when submitting accounts to Companies House)
When attempting to file to Companies House, you may get the error message #502 – fatal: Authorisation Failure. If you receive this error. it means that one of the following entries is incorrect or missing. Please check all the details carefully and re-enter them where possible. Delete any spaces...
rating 20 May, 2024 Views: 7425
How do I update the relationship details in Accounts Production (Refresh List)?
In instances where changes are made to relationships within Practice Manager, if an accounting period already exists, you will need to force a refresh for these changes to take place on the financial statements. To do this, you will need to go to the Officers page within Client Information and...
rating 13 Apr, 2023 Views: 6494
FRS Accountancy Standards and TaxCalc
TaxCalc Accounts Production allows you to complete accounts in using the following accounting standards. Accounting Standard Effective from FRS 105 (Micro-entities) Applicable to entities claiming the micro-entities regime FRS 102 1A (Small) Applicable to entities...
rating 06 Oct, 2023 Views: 5523
How do I check the status of my submissions to Companies House?
To poll for a response from Companies House, please complete the below steps: Click on the View tab. Click on Companies House Filing History to see a list of outstanding accounts that need to be polled. Click on Check all pending to see if Companies House has responded. Alternatively if...
rating 27 Oct, 2016 Views: 5283
How to submit LLP accounts to Companies House
Once you are happy with the accounts, you can complete the LLP submission to Companies House. Click on Check and Finish. If there are no errors, click on File to Companies House Go through the ‘File online to Companies House Wizard’, choosing whether you want to submit either: ...
rating 08 Jul, 2019 Views: 4573
How do I create relationships for directors, company secretaries and partners in Practice Manager?
To create a relationship for a director, company secretary or partner who is listed in Practice Manager, complete the following steps: Launch Practice Manager. Double-click on the relevant company/partnership. Click on Relationships. Click on Create Relationship. In the wizard, select the...
rating 25 Jul, 2023 Views: 4079

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