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Exclusion 57 message explained
You may receive the following error after checking your tax return: HMRC Exclusion #57: In certain circumstances, where a taxpayer is a non-resident and in receipt of 'other dividend' income of INC5 or Bonus issues of securities and redeemable shares in AOI13 or Partnership dividend income or...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 48
Accrued Income Scheme - entering negative losses
If you have received losses from the Accrued Income Scheme and deeply discounted securities, unfortunately, according to HMRC Exclusion 4 a negative amount cannot be entered into box 2 of the Lloyds Pages (LU1), in SimpleStep mode, Profits from Accrued Income Scheme and deeply discounted...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 14
Scottish Taxpayer Pension Charge -HMRC Special Case 33
HMRC have identified an issue whereby the Annual Allowance (pension) Charge calculated, is not always correct for Scottish rate taxpayers. The calculation is not correct for Scottish rate taxpayers where the tax charged should be at the Scottish intermediate rate (21%-2018/19)) rather than the...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 3
Pension Tax Charge payment rounding - HMRC Special Case 32
If your pension contributions entered on your tax return have exceeded the annual allowance (currently £40,000), you may have incurred a pension tax charge and this will appear on the SA302 Summary (subject to entries within SimpleStep>Annual pension allowance). In certain circumstances, the...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 13
Exclusion 81 2017/18 :Top Slicing Relief
When an individual has a chargeable event gain in a year, Top Slicing Relief (TSR) is applied to the gain. TSR requires two calculations: The individual's liability to income tax on chargeable event gains arising in the year The individual's liability on the annual equivalent (gain divided by...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 82
HMRC Exlusion 103 - income tax relief beneficial ordering when income above basic rate band
HMRC Filing Exclusion 103 will affect customers with non-savings and savings income of more than the basic rate band and there are reliefs and allowances of more than the basic rate band (usually £34,500). Some of the relief will be set against dividend income when it is more beneficial to set...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 2
HMRC Filing error CAL15
If you have entered an amount in box 15, Decrease in tax due because of adjustments to an earlier year, of the Tax Calculation pages (TC2) where a refund is due because of an adjustment to an earlier year, you may receive a 'CAL15' error when trying to submit your tax return to HMRC. This is due...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 16
HMRC Exclusion 102 - chargeable event gain and beneficial ordering of the personal allowance
HMRC Filing Exclusion 102 will affect taxpayers who have a Chargeable Event Gain (CEG) with notional tax, in the higher rate band and dividend income. The personal allowance is being allocated against the CEG when it would be more beneficial to allocate it against the nil rate dividend income. ...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 2
HMRC Filing Exclusions and Special Cases
HMRC Filing Exclusions 2018/19 Exclusions have arisen due to the previous introduction of additional allowances and bands for certain types of income, making the calculation of the tax liability more complex. HMRC systems expect our software to match their method of calculation in order for the...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 3816
Exclusion 96 - Scottish rate extended basic rate band not applying to savings and dividends income
HMRC Filing Exclusion 96 applies to Scottish rate taxpayers who make pension contributions or gift aid payments which will extend the basic rate band. The basic rate band should be extended to non savings and savings income but the calculator is currently restricting relief to non savings income...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 0
Importing Data to VAT Filer from Microsoft Excel
As of the tax year release (8.0.022) TaxCalc made changes that affect the import of Excel and CSV files into the VAT Filer module VAT Filer continues to support importing Excel files with an extension of .xlsx and now supports xlsm, but files with an extension of .xls can no longer be imported...
rating 11 Dec, 2019 Views: 886
Known issues in the latest released version of TaxCalc
Below is a list of notable issues that have been reported in recent versions of TaxCalc since their release. Other issues may exist that have not yet been confirmed or investigated, or are trivial/cosmetic. This should be read in conjunction with our article How are software enhancements and...
rating 10 Dec, 2019 Views: 5959
TaxCalc release notes
TaxCalc Product Update Version 10.4.002 Released on 26th November 2019 Applying the Update Please note: Customers who have not yet updated to v10 will be required to run an installer. Please ensure that you have local admin rights before attempting the update. Customers already using v10 will...
rating 05 Dec, 2019 Views: 84480
Self Assessment workflows with Practice Manager Plus
Using our new Practice Manager Plus advanced workflow allows you to create Jobs and Tasks to complete your Tax Returns efficiently, making sure you meet any statutory deadlines. Please see our video below on how Jobs and Tasks can help with Self Assessments for your practice:
rating 03 Dec, 2019 Views: 0
When will TaxCalc 2020 be available?
TaxCalc 2020 will be available in late March 2020. We'll let you know when you can update your software and this will depend on which type of customer you are. In all cases, you won't be able to file your return until after 6 April 2020. This will cover the year for 6 April 2019 to 5 April 2020....
rating 29 Nov, 2019 Views: 10045
TaxCalc integration with FreeAgent
TaxCalc’s integration platform offers integration with online accounting software FreeAgent for Practice and Non-Practice users. TaxCalc Accounts Production provides you with an easy-to-use wizard to import a year-end trial balance directly from FreeAgent in a few simple steps for both...
rating 28 Nov, 2019 Views: 24
Can I create a Trial Balance in round pound?
In TaxCalc’s Account Production you can now opt to generate a Trial Balance in round pound allowing you to review the figures exactly as they would appear on your Financial Statements. Within Accounts Production select Reports from the menu. Select Trial Balance. Click Customise. ...
rating 27 Nov, 2019 Views: 5
How can I see whether identity evidence has expired?
New report columns are available for AML report customisations to highlight when identification evidence is due to expire. Once your clients have provided their identity evidence, it is important to ensure your records are kept up-to-date. Therefore, we have introduced additional selection when...
rating 27 Nov, 2019 Views: 3
How to use Steps Recorder to help support resolve an issue
Steps recorder (or problem steps recorder) is a handy tool built in to Windows7, 8 and 10 to help support technicians resolve issues on remote machines If you are encountering an issue and need to walk a technician through the steps then recording the process in steps recorder can be very...
rating 21 Nov, 2019 Views: 639
How is Top Slicing Relief calculated?
Top Slicing Relief hypothetically spreads a chargeable event gain (CEG), such as a gain on a life policy, over the years of the policy, such that the tax is payable as if the CEG had been received in equal amounts in every year. It’s not an exact calculation as it doesn’t match the...
rating 20 Nov, 2019 Views: 3
My update gets stuck at a certain percentage - what do I do?
TaxCalc issues updates to users throughout the year and users will usually run through the below process to complete the update. Open TaxCalc and log in with the admin username and password (if login is enabled). Under Notifications, expand the option for Update Available where you will see a...
rating 19 Nov, 2019 Views: 108
I can't find a client or associated data in the application - Practice users only!
If you are a non-practice user (you purchase a product listed for Individuals, Trusts or Businesses) please see our article for How do I find a missing file? (Individual, Partnership and Limited Company users) In terms of the TaxCalc application, measures are in place to prevent any data loss....
rating 18 Nov, 2019 Views: 16
Can I transfer my own data to the Cloud version of TaxCalc?
When purchasing the CloudConnect version of TaxCalc, there is a migration process required to transfer your current data to the cloud. The ability to self migrate the data is only available if you are running the Server version of TaxCalc and if your CloudConnect order contains the Network Self...
rating 18 Nov, 2019 Views: 3
How do I import a Trial Balance using third party APIs?
You can save time when importing a year-end Trial Balance into Accounts Production by using the third Party APIs on the existing Import Trial Balance wizard. Importing directly from online accounting software is quicker than manually entering the data. We currently have the facility to do this for...
rating 18 Nov, 2019 Views: 556
Where do I declare redundancy or severance payments?
This article will complete an example scenario to best explain the process and entries required for the method of declaring redundancy and severance payments. In this scenario, the overall payment received as per the P60/P45 is £100,000, of which £75,000 is relating to redundancy. ...
rating 13 Nov, 2019 Views: 28846