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Recent Articles
How to activate client restriction?
It is possible to assign specific clients to specific users within the database by placing client restrictions. This will restrict a user from viewing certain client/s. This can be done in the user's settings. In order to set the client restriction, go to Administration > Users > Edit...
rating 02 Feb, 2023 Views: 885
What is the Business Creation Wizard?
The Business Creation Wizard enables you to define separate businesses within the same client. This will make reporting on multiple businesses with different year ends easier to manage and record specific details to the business rather than just on the client. This segregation of data is going...
rating 02 Feb, 2023 Views: 352
Dashboards and Widgets
Introduction to Dashboards Dashboard is a collection of widgets that can be added, removed and grouped to enable fast navigation to relevant information. Dashboard is designed to show data in a simplified structure, enabling greater efficiency. You can create multiple dashboards containing...
rating 02 Feb, 2023 Views: 859
Why am I getting a full breakdown of Debtors/Creditors in the notes to Financial Statements?
A detailed breakdown of the debtors/creditors will be disclosed in the Notes to Financial Statements by default, however an option is available in the left-hand menu to show reduced disclosure (as allowed by the Small Companies Regime). Notes > Edit Notes > Debtors > Untick Show a...
rating 02 Feb, 2023 Views: 285
How do I link individual clients to a partnership?
Once you've created relationships in Practice Manager, you can link individual clients to a partnership by following these steps: Check that all of your clients (and the relationships) contain a Unique Tax Reference (UTR). Open the partnership client in Tax Return Production. Open the...
rating 02 Feb, 2023 Views: 968
What do the EU VAT rules on digital services mean to me?
In January 2015 the European Union (EU) introduced legislation specifying that businesses supplying digital services to customers within the EU must charge VAT at the rate applicable in the country in which the service is ostensibly consumed. This also applies to businesses that themselves are...
rating 02 Feb, 2023 Views: 1612
System Requirements for TaxCalc
TaxCalc is either ‘fully supported’, ‘partially supported’ or ‘unsupported’ running on the configurations of operating system as listed here. Fully supported TaxCalc is optimised to work on the specified versions of these operating systems and all releases are tested on them....
rating 01 Feb, 2023 Views: 13693
How do I limit the rate of Class 4 NIC charged to 2%?
You can reduce Class 4 NIC liability so that the excess earnings are charged at 2% if the following is true: You pay Class 1 NIC on employment income AND You pay Class 2 NIC at the weekly flat rate AND The amount of Class 4 NIC chargeable at 9% would exceed the limiting amount. To reduce...
rating 30 Jan, 2023 Views: 12087
#5015 A submission for the user and tax year has already been successfully made.
When attempting to file a return online, you may sometimes encounter the below: In these instances, HMRC are rejecting the submission (currently being processed as an original submission) as their records show an original return already listed on file. In these instance, you would need to: ...
rating 24 Jan, 2023 Views: 66
TaxCalc and passwords
As a user of TaxCalc, you may already be aware that there are varying passwords that you may have setup. This article will cover the different type of passwords that we use, the importance of each and more information on how to reset these if required. PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, TaxCalc...
rating 18 Jan, 2023 Views: 1947
How do I password protect a client record, or remove a password from a protected client?
You may wish to password protect certain client records from general access. When a client is password protected you're required to enter the password when opening the client or its accounts/returns. Setting a Client Password Launch TaxCalc and open a Client Record From the left-side menu...
rating 18 Jan, 2023 Views: 55
Setting User Security Roles
Practice and CloudConnect versions of TaxCalc allow multiple users to log in to the software. Each user is assigned to a Security Role which controls the level of permissions for any user assigned to it. A security role's permissions are defined when setting up the user or when editing the...
rating 18 Jan, 2023 Views: 1317
Cannot connect to database error message appears when starting TaxCalc
If TaxCalc loses contact with, or has never been able to connect to a database, you will receive a similar message to the below: This means that the connection to the database cannot be established. To resolve, you will need to know whether TaxCalc works on the server machine (the machine...
rating 15 Jan, 2023 Views: 31823
HMRC Filing Exclusions and Special Cases 2021/22
HMRC Filing Exclusions 2021/22 Exclusions have arisen due to the previous introduction of additional allowances and bands for certain types of income, making the calculation of the tax liability more complex. HMRC systems expect our software to match their method of calculation in order for the...
rating 10 Jan, 2023 Views: 684
How do I use custom tasks?
TaxCalc allows you to create your own tasks as well as using the defaults already within TaxCalc. Please browse to the below location in order to review, create, edit and delete any custom tasks in TaxCalc Select Admin from the home screen. Click on Applications. Double-click on...
rating 09 Jan, 2023 Views: 638
How do I use excess pension contribution allowance carried forward from previous years?
TaxCalc automatically offsets your pension contribution allowance against your pension contributions for the current year. If there's an excess, you can bring forward any unused allowance from the previous three years (starting with the oldest year) and offset this against the excess. For...
rating 08 Jan, 2023 Views: 2868
Known issues in the latest released version of TaxCalc
Below is a list of notable issues that have been reported in recent versions of TaxCalc since their release. Other issues may exist that have not yet been confirmed or investigated, or are trivial/cosmetic. This should be read in conjunction with our article How are software enhancements and...
rating 08 Jan, 2023 Views: 25393
SA: How do I enter a balancing charge/allowance on disposal of a capital allowance asset.
To enter a balancing charge/allowance for an asset disposal, follow these steps: Browse to the Capital Allowance section of the chosen return Ensure you are using the calculator and click on Add a new asset. Complete the asset details Note if you have previously cleared the asset value in...
rating 05 Jan, 2023 Views: 49
CT600: How do I enter a balancing charge/allowance on disposal of a capital allowance asset.
The balancing charge is worked out automatically based on your entries. Please refer to the below on how to dispose of an asset. Please note the below behaviour is available from version 12.0.007 and you should update your copy of TaxCalc as required. If you have disposed of an Single Asset...
rating 05 Jan, 2023 Views: 4768
What information will I receive when using Fetch Taxpayer Data (HMRC Self Assessment APIs)?
HMRC has provided a method of sending information relevant to the completion of a Tax Return called Application Program Interfaces or APIs. This is the first part of their overall Digital transformation project known as Making Tax Digital. This allows TaxCalc to request information held by...
rating 05 Jan, 2023 Views: 3785
What tax years can I file online?
Self Assessment Filing Deadlines Your Self Assessment Tax Return (SA100, SA800, SA900) normally has to be completed and submitted to HMRC by 31st October following the tax year end (5th April) if you file on paper, or by 31st January following the tax year end if you file online. So the 2022...
rating 03 Jan, 2023 Views: 7118
How do I make a claim for Enterprise Investment Scheme deferral relief?
Deferral Relief allows you treat the gain as not arising until some future date, if you acquire EIS shares with the proceeds. To claim for Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) deferral relief on an Individual tax return, you need to enter details of the asset under Capital Gains. If you already...
rating 03 Jan, 2023 Views: 3199
Enterprise Investment Scheme share disposals - How to record the sale and claim relief
If you have disposed of Enterprise Investment Scheme shares in 2021/22 , you should complete the capital gains summary pages and attach your calculations if: you sold or disposed of chargeable assets which were worth more than £49,200 your chargeable gains before taking off any losses...
rating 03 Jan, 2023 Views: 13667
Enterprise Investment Scheme tax relief clawback and how to inform HMRC
How to effect the clawback of income tax relief on the EIS investment sold within 3 years? You must notify HMRC of the event as soon as you can as the clawback of EIS relief is not made under self-assessment but by a special assessment., and so HMRC will need to calculate and send this to you in...
rating 03 Jan, 2023 Views: 61
Error Updating Database VAT, Accounts and Practice users
Resolution for Error Updating Database for; Individual, Partnership and Limited Company, Tax and VAT modules. Individual, Partnership and Limited Company, Tax, Accounts and or VAT modules. Practice (Standalone or Network) Restoring from backup file. ...
rating 03 Jan, 2023 Views: 292