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Recent Articles
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on HMRC Forms
Please see the following instructions on how to complete the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) pages on HMRC Forms Go to Capital Gains > Do you want to complete the Capital Gains page? ‘Yes’ > Do you wish to use Forms Mode? ‘Yes’ HMRC Forms mode is a form filling exercise where you...
rating 25 Nov, 2020 Views: 0
Known issues in the latest released version of TaxCalc
Below is a list of notable issues that have been reported in recent versions of TaxCalc since their release. Other issues may exist that have not yet been confirmed or investigated, or are trivial/cosmetic. This should be read in conjunction with our article How are software enhancements and...
rating 20 Nov, 2020 Views: 10267
How to change the Advanced Display Settings within TaxCalc if the software does not display as expected
TaxCalc has updated some of the components it uses behind the scenes. On some machines with particular graphics cards/drivers, or on Terminal Server configurations, the program may not behave as expected. On others the default scaling on High DPI screens may not display according to the user's...
rating 18 Nov, 2020 Views: 4301
Mac OS Big Sur & TaxCalc
In November 2020 Apple released the Big Sur operating system (v11.0). If you are running a Mac and have upgraded to Big Sur, for TaxCalc to run as expected you will need to use the following installer file, TaxCalc - v11.11.058 (Autumn 2020) Big Sur release. If you experience a prompt around...
rating 17 Nov, 2020 Views: 958
System Requirements for TaxCalc
TaxCalc is either ‘fully supported’, ‘partially supported’ or ‘unsupported’ running on the configurations of operating system as listed here. Fully supported TaxCalc is optimised to work on the specified versions of these operating systems and all releases are tested on them....
rating 16 Nov, 2020 Views: 8558
Issues installing TaxCalc on Catalina/Big Sur OS
Currently TaxCalc is partially supported on the Catalina operating system (which was released in October 2019) and Big Sur (release November 2020) as per our System Requirements for TaxCalc. If your Mac has been updated to Catalina or Big Sur, you should find that TaxCalc works as expected and...
rating 16 Nov, 2020 Views: 2252
How to complete Advanced Security for Cloud Connect Users
If you would like to find out more information on Advanced security please feel free to have a look through our other Knowledge base article: What is Advanced Security? This article will run through the steps on completing the Advanced Security for Cloud. Open your web browser. Go to...
rating 16 Nov, 2020 Views: 688
TaxCalc Release Notes 2020
Below are the Release Notes for TaxCalc 2020 releases. Click to see the Release Notes for 2013-2016 > 2017 > 2018 > 2019 TaxCalc Product Update – Version 11.11.058 – Released on 13 November 2020 Please note: For Customers who have not already updated to Version 11 this update...
rating 13 Nov, 2020 Views: 107082
All you need to know about Student Loan repayments
By clicking on the below links, it will take you directly to that section of the article: #New SLC online service for SL and PGL: #Overview: #Payment Thresholds: #Filling in a Tax return if you are repaying a SL or PGL #Review of SLC loan repayment calculations for a SL and PGL #Loan was paid off...
rating 11 Nov, 2020 Views: 5049
Model Articles for Company Incorporations
Memorandum and Articles of Association When registering a company you need the following items: Memorandum of association. This is a legal statement signed by all initial shareholders agreeing to form the company. Articles of association. These are the written rules about running the...
rating 11 Nov, 2020 Views: 1262
How to Report and Pay Tax on Capital Gains from UK Property
When is Capital Gains Tax (CGT) due on UK property? For UK property disposals which are not your main home, capital gains tax (CGT) will be due on gains which exceed the annual exempt amount (AEA). When does a gain on UK property have to be reported? From 6 April 2020, if you’re a UK resident,...
rating 06 Nov, 2020 Views: 191
What tax years can I file online?
Self Assessment Filing Deadlines Your Self Assessment Tax Return (SA100, SA800, SA900) normally has to be completed and submitted to HM Revenue and Customs by 31st October following the tax year end (5th April) if you file on paper, or by 31st January following the tax year end if you file...
rating 06 Nov, 2020 Views: 3890
What is a Job?
You can now organise your Tasks by collating them in a single Job. A Job contains multiple Tasks which allows you to automate services offered by your practice, like Tax Returns. For example, there are several steps involved in processing a Tax Return. To make your life easier, you can create...
rating 06 Nov, 2020 Views: 183
What is a Job Template?
If you are using Jobs and Tasks, you'll probably be using them for frequent work, such as Tax Returns. Instead of creating a new Job for every client each time you want to do a Tax Return, you can create a Job Template. The Job Template can contain multiple Tasks, just like a standard Job....
rating 06 Nov, 2020 Views: 278
What is a Task?
Tasks are available to set up in Practice Manager and Practice Manager Plus (and are now referred to as Stand Alone Tasks) A Task is a work item process. For example, if you're running a Tax Return Job, each process involved is classified as a Task: Task 1 - Request Tax Return Information from...
rating 06 Nov, 2020 Views: 111
How to create a Job
You can create a Job for ad hoc work without using a template. This will be useful for a collection of tasks where the workflow is specific to that Job only. For Jobs that are regular in nature and workflow, such as accounts and tax, you will probably want to create and apply a template that can...
rating 05 Nov, 2020 Views: 193
How to create and apply a Job Template
For Jobs that are regular in nature and workflow despite being for different clients, such as producing accounts, you can create and apply a Job Template which can be used to auto-populate certain selections for the Job and related Tasks. We have provided some default templates for Annual...
rating 05 Nov, 2020 Views: 410
Using Teams in Practice Manager
If you have a Practice Manager Plus or Time licence you can create Teams to group together TaxCalc users within your firm. You can also add different tiers to create hierarchies depending on your requirements. This is particularly useful when assigning Jobs or Tasks meaning a group of users can...
rating 05 Nov, 2020 Views: 7
Using the Bulk Service wizard in Practice Manager Plus
Using the Bulk Service wizard If you would like to add a particular service (with or without a default Job Template attached) to a selection of clients, you can use the Bulk Service Wizard which is located in several places, depending on how and where you are creating your Jobs. You can...
rating 05 Nov, 2020 Views: 12
Managing Workflow in Practice Manager Plus
Work Management in Practice Manager is where you can view, edit and update Jobs and tasks for all clients. You can re-arrange the order of the columns by dragging and dropping the column headings. By clicking on the Filter box, you can change the default filter selections. Currently the default...
rating 05 Nov, 2020 Views: 9
How to use Services in Practice Manager
You can use TaxCalc to help you keep track of the services that you offer to your clients, as well as the usual fees charged to them. The services you offer as a practice generally can be created in Services Offered in Admin Centre and you can specify which of these will be taken up by clients...
rating 05 Nov, 2020 Views: 820
How do I find a missing file? (Individual, Partnership and Limited Company users)
When using TaxCalc's Individual, Partnership and Limited Company range of products, all returns that you create are stored on your local machine as return files. The files will be named with the following extensions: Individual – .tcsXX (where XX is the relevant tax year – for example...
rating 05 Nov, 2020 Views: 8543
How do I resubmit a return or file an amended return?
If, after making a successful submission, you need to make changes and file an amended return. Please see the video tutorial for a walk through of the process. Alternatively, please follow these written steps: Make your corrections. Click on Check & Finish. Check and review your...
rating 05 Nov, 2020 Views: 37578
How do I print a copy of my return?
You can easily print your tax return to a printer or PDF. Please see the below video tutorial for more information. Alternatively, please see the written instructions below: Open the tax return. Click on Check and Finish. Click on Print. Click on Next Step in the HMRC warning message (if...
rating 05 Nov, 2020 Views: 3509
How do I submit a tax return online?
Once you've completed your tax return, you can submit it online using TaxCalc. To do this, please see our video tutorial below: Alternatively, please see the written steps below: Click on Check and Finish. If there are no errors, click on File Online. Make sure the Test File box is...
rating 05 Nov, 2020 Views: 895