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HMRC Filing Exclusions and Special Cases 2022/23
HMRC Filing Exclusions 2022/23 Exclusions have arisen due to the previous introduction of additional allowances and bands for certain types of income, making the calculation of the tax liability more complex. HMRC systems expect our software to match their method of calculation in order for the...
rating 30 Nov, 2023 Views: 371
System Requirements for TaxCalc
TaxCalc is either ‘fully supported’, ‘partially supported’ or ‘unsupported’ running on the configurations of operating system as listed here. Fully supported TaxCalc is optimised to work on the specified versions of these operating systems and all releases are tested on them....
rating 30 Nov, 2023 Views: 15989
Known issues in the latest released version of TaxCalc
Below is a list of notable issues that have been reported in recent versions of TaxCalc since their release. Other issues may exist that have not yet been confirmed or investigated, or are trivial/cosmetic. This should be read in conjunction with our article How are software enhancements and...
rating 30 Nov, 2023 Views: 29269
Merge of Data - overview
It is good practice for all TaxCalc users to work from a single database. Previous versions of the program have allowed multiple installations to exist however going forward to fully take advantage of new and forthcoming modules and products it is highly advantageous to work from a single...
rating 28 Nov, 2023 Views: 825
Can I migrate from the Standalone version of TaxCalc to the Network version?
Since early 2013 TaxCalc has employed two different database structures, one for Standalone users (SQLite) and one aimed at Network users (Postgres). For anyone looking to share data across multiple machines who are currently using the Standalone version, a migration will be required by our...
rating 27 Nov, 2023 Views: 1044
Error message: Tax relief is not available for pension contributions in excess of relevant UK earnings for the tax year.
The pension contribution amount, on which tax relief is available, is restricted to the amount of the taxpayer's relevant UK earnings within the tax year (or £3,600 in the absence of income). If pension contributions have been entered within the return and exceed the amount of relevant UK income...
rating 23 Nov, 2023 Views: 9049
When will TaxCalc 2024 be available?
TaxCalc 2024 will be available in late March 2024. We will let you know when you can update your software and this will depend on which type of customer you are. In all cases, you will not be able to file your return until after 6 April 2024, for the tax year from 6 April 2023 to 5 April 2024. ...
rating 22 Nov, 2023 Views: 15581
TaxCalc Release Notes 2023
Below are the Release Notes for TaxCalc 2023 releases. Click to see the Release Notes for 2013-2016 > 2017 > 2018 > 2019 > 2020 > 2021 > 2022 TaxCalc Product Update - version 14.2.200 - Released on 15th November 2023 Please note: For Customers who have not already updated...
rating 15 Nov, 2023 Views: 153390
Drill-down – view and edit underlying financial information relating to values displayed in your Full/Registrar Financial Statements
When viewing your full and registrar financial statements in “Edit Mode”, you’re now able to access and edit the underlying financial information relating to values displayed in the reports. When the report is generated, select the button to “Switch to Edit Mode” and you’ll notice that...
rating 09 Nov, 2023 Views: 53
Creating a Checklist in Practice Manager Plus
You can now create checklists within our Jobs if you have a Practice Manager Plus licence. Simply create a new Job and on the Tasks tab select ‘Checklist mode’ on the top toggle. Checklists are also available within Job Templates in Admin Centre, so you can easily use them as templates for...
rating 08 Nov, 2023 Views: 86
What is the tax pool calculation in a Trust return (SA900)
What is a tax pool Tax pools apply to discretionary trusts. Discretionary trusts are taxed at the trust rates of income tax and the trustees are responsible for paying the income tax on income received by the trust. When trustees make a discretionary payment of income to beneficiaries, the...
rating 07 Nov, 2023 Views: 49
How do I use the Batch Filer module?
The Batch Filer module allows you to file SA100, SA800, SA900 and CT600 tax returns in batches instead of individually. You can access Batch Filer from the home screen. The Batch Filer screen will give you details of any previous batches created and break them down by name, number of returns,...
rating 02 Nov, 2023 Views: 1146
Posting a Tax Journal to Accounts Production
The Post Tax Journal page can be accessed by clicking Post Tax Journal on the Check and Review your Return screen within Check and Finish. This feature is present on the CT600 Version 3 onwards and can used to post a corporation tax charge or refund directly into Accounts Production based on the...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 253
Practice Manager Plus: Collateral
Practice Manager Plus provides additional functionality to Practice Manager including advanced workflow and work management, dashboards and multiple offices. Within these three key areas of functionality there is plenty of flexibility to cater for the differing requirements in every practice. ...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 1753
Client Restrictions by Office
Where a user only requires access to clients associated with a specific Office, a dynamic filter can be added to restrict the clients that user can see. Within Admin Centre > Users select the user you would like to restrict. From the left hand menu select Client Restriction. Click the...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 14
Filtering by Office in Dashboard Widgets
Within Dashboards there are two widgets which allow you to filter by Office. This filter option allows you to select an office which will then filter the results using the selection from the client record. From the Dashboard select Add Widget. Select the Job/Task category. Select Jobs...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 20
Bulk Update Clients
Bulk Update Clients allows you to update certain information in bulk for your clients within Practice Manager. Bulk Updating Clients: Within Practice Manager, select the clients from the Client list. From the left-hand menu, select Bulk Update Clients to display the Bulk Update Clients...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 146
Creating a ‘Users’ Type Custom Field
Within Admin Centre you can create a custom field for Users to display a list of users within the practice which allows you to set additional custom user roles against the client. Adding a User Custom Field: Within Admin Centre->ApplicationsàCustomise Practice Manager, select the Custom...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 15
Filtering by Team, Offices or Roles in Work Management and Dashboard Widgets
If you would like to see specific client information relating to Teams, Offices, or Roles within Work Management and in your Dashboard Widgets you can use the filter option. Work Management Filtering by Teams, Offices or Roles Within Practice Manager > Work Management select Filter. ...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 9
Why is the Custom User Role not displaying the User on the Client Record?
If you have followed these steps: Created a Custom User Role in Admin Centre Assigned Users to the Role against the Client Record Created a Job Template with the Custom User Role set in the Job Assignee field Applied the Job Template to the Client Yet, the Job Assignee is still showing as...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 7
How to create a Job Template
For Jobs that are regular in nature and workflow despite being for different clients, such as producing accounts, you can create and apply a Job Template which can be used to auto-populate certain selections for the Job and related Tasks. We have provided some default templates for Annual...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 1925
Bulk Creating Work for Tax Returns and Annual Accounts
Using the Bulk Service Wizard means you can allocate and update existing services with specific fees and job templates. You can also activate jobs and create work for your clients in bulk for Self Assessment Tax Returns, Corporation Tax Returns and Annual Accounts. Bulk Creating Work: ...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 9
Can I Delete a Task?
Within Work Management you can delete singular or multiple tasks. Deleting a single Task: In Practice Manager > Work Management, select the Task you want to delete. From the left hand menu select Delete. The following message is displayed, ‘This action will delete the task. To confirm...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 7
Can I delete a Job?
Depending on your permissions in Admin Centre, you can delete Jobs, Tasks or Jobs and Tasks, either individually or in bulk. However, please note that if you select to delete Jobs, all associated Tasks are also deleted. To delete a Job and any associated Tasks: In Practice Manager, select...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 427
Top Tips and Tricks
Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in TaxCalc! Communications Centre These articles provide you with tips and tricks you can use within Communications Centre. Can I send an Email from Communications Centre to an email address not associated with a client? Can I create a Mailing...
rating 01 Nov, 2023 Views: 4695