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Cannot connect to database error message appears when starting TaxCalc
If TaxCalc loses contact with, or has never been able to connect to a database, you will receive a similar message to the below: This means that the connection to the database cannot be established. To resolve, you will need to know whether TaxCalc works on the server machine (the machine...
rating 14 Feb, 2023 Views: 34335
How do I import a Trial Balance using a CSV?
You can save time when importing Trial Balances into Accounts Production by exporting a CSV (comma-separated values) file from your bookkeeping software. This is quicker than manually entering the data. Below is a short video that will take you through the import routine. Alternatively, for a...
rating 27 Apr, 2020 Views: 16797
How do I customise Practice Manager?
The main Practice Manager area is very flexible, allowing you to choose the information you see at a glance. Rather than displaying a simple client list, with client codes and names, you can display items such as the tax return status, Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) and details of when the latest...
rating 20 Apr, 2023 Views: 8714
Installing the Network Version
The following guide will assist users through the setup, installation, configuration and first use of the network version of TaxCalc. While the network version of TaxCalc is normally deployed where there are multiple computers, it is also on occasion installed on a single machine for either...
rating 05 Apr, 2023 Views: 7587
How do I back up the database?
TaxCalc uses a database to store client, accounts and tax return data. This SimpleStep guide will help you to take regular backups. If you run TaxCalc on a network, you must perform the backup on your server. You can't run a backup remotely from a computer that's connected to the server. If...
rating 20 Jan, 2022 Views: 7138
How do I setup a user?
When TaxCalc is set up on a network, each person who will be logging in needs to have their own user account. Only one person can be logged in as the admin user. If someone else tries to log in as the admin user at the same time, they will force the other person off the system. This SimpleStep...
rating 17 Oct, 2019 Views: 6733
How do I create a tax return?
You can use TaxCalc to produce tax returns for years dating back to 2011–12 for Income Tax and to 2006–07 for Corporation Tax. Before you can create a tax return, you need to set up a client record in Practice Manager. There are two ways to do this: How do I import a TaxCalc tax return? ...
rating 03 Mar, 2023 Views: 5736
How do I store tax returns in my own file system?
By default, TaxCalc stores tax returns in a database. This is the recommended method of storage for reasons of security, but you can save tax returns in a separate location if you prefer. If you're a Standalone user, or you have multiple machines that aren't connected by a network, you may...
rating 20 Apr, 2023 Views: 4274
How do I import a client from a tax return file?
TaxCalc can import data from previous tax years (for example TaxCalc 2022) from the tax return files so that you don't need to enter the same information for 2023 onwards. When you import a client using a tax return file, you're doing two things: Transferring a copy of the tax return into...
rating 20 Apr, 2023 Views: 3202
How do I skip the login process?
For improved security, TaxCalc asks you to log in each time you open the program. However, if you're a single user and don't need multiple logins or this added security measure, you can set TaxCalc to automatically log in for you. You can also set TaxCalc to automatically open Practice Manager...
rating 05 Apr, 2023 Views: 2763
Importing Multiple Clients from external tax return files
When you import a client using a tax return file, you are doing two things: Transferring a copy of the tax return into the TaxCalc database. Creating a record for that client in Practice Manager, which can then be used across the TaxCalc Applications. Please note: The importing process will...
rating 09 Mar, 2023 Views: 527