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How do I apply for a Presenter Authentication Code and Presenter Identifier from Companies House?
A Presenter Identifier and Presenter Authentication Code are always necessary if you file accounts through third party software. The Presenter ID starts with 000 and ends with 000. This is a mixture of numbers and letters and is 11 characters long. The Authentication code is a mixture of numbers...
rating 15 Sep, 2017 Views: 15904
How to allot shares in Taxcalc
In order to allocate shares against a particular person in Practice Manager, you first need to ensure that you have a relationship created for the shareholder. Please complete the following steps if you haven’t already done so: Launch Practice Manager. Double-click on the relevant...
rating 23 Oct, 2019 Views: 1942
Companies House #8023 Errors
In some cases, when checking a submission status with Companies House, an 8023 error is returned when the submission is, in effect, still PENDING. This generally affects the Incorporation (IN01 and LLIN01) forms as well as the Change of Name forms (NM01 and NM04). These forms require further...
rating 15 Feb, 2018 Views: 1861
Practice Manager - Sync with Companies House
Sync with Companies House gives you the ability to pull information from the Public Register into TaxCalc. For new limited company clients, TaxCalc can import the following data to create a new client in Practice Manager: Company Name Company Type Company Registration Number Registered...
rating 17 Oct, 2019 Views: 1740
#502 -fatal: Authentication Failure (Companies House Forms)
If you get the error message #502 - fatal: Authorisation Failure when filing Companies House Forms in Company Secretarial, this means that one of the following entries are missing or incorrect. Please check all the details carefully and re-enter them. Ensure you delete any spaces appearing at the...
rating 10 Aug, 2017 Views: 1004
What are the Companies House Charges incurred when using TaxCalc?
Companies House Charges Charges for Incorporation are as follows: Company incorporations Software Paper Incorporation* £10 £40 Same-day incorporation £30 £100 Change of name £8 £10...
rating 17 Nov, 2017 Views: 815
Change in Personal Authentication Data – option to provide eye colour is no longer available
The ‘Eye colour’ field has been disabled to prevent accidental use as part of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May 2018, Companies House have reviewed the 3 out of 7 personal data used to authenticate subscribers for electronic submissions. Companies...
rating 05 Apr, 2022 Views: 759
Error #3207 'This account has been suspended'
The error message #3207 'This account has been suspended' means that there is an invoice outstanding at Companies House side which needs to be paid before they re-activate the account. Because a credit account is required for the use of Companies House Forms and Company Incorporator, this is the...
rating 19 Mar, 2019 Views: 239
Companies House form changes after Brexit
Following the end of the Brexit transition period, from 1 January 2021 some Companies House forms will change to remove references to ‘EEA’ & ‘Non-EEA’ . In TaxCalc we will be updating the following forms from 11pm 31 December 2020: CS01 Confirmation statement IN01...
rating 14 Dec, 2020 Views: 78
Financial Reporting after Brexit
How will Brexit affect financial reporting? The uncertainty caused by Brexit may affect the accounting estimates that are used in various areas of financial reporting, such as fair values, impairment assessments and going concern forecasts. Wording of disclosures on potential risks also requires...
rating 14 Dec, 2020 Views: 61