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Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in TaxCalc! Communications Centre These articles provide you with tips and tricks you can use within Communications Centre. How to Delete Emails in Bulk Practice Manager These articles provide you with tips and tricks you can use within...
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Posting a Tax Journal to Accounts Production
The Post Tax Journal page can be accessed by clicking Post Tax Journal on the Check and Review your Return screen within Check and Finish. This feature is present on the CT600 Version 3 onwards and can used to post a corporation tax charge or refund directly into Accounts Production based on the...
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Request Records Reminders
As well as being able to automate the process of requesting records, you can also automate sending optional reminders for specific contacts generating a message within the Pending Messages queue waiting for you to review and send. To activate the reminders automation, go to Admin Centre >...
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Bulk Update Clients
Bulk Update Clients allows you to update certain information in bulk for your clients within Practice Manager. Bulk Updating Clients: Within Practice Manager, select the clients from the Client list. From the left-hand menu, select Bulk Update Clients to display the Bulk Update Clients...
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Recur Job Templates Using Job Instance
You can now create a recurring job using a template, but have the recurrence use the job instance details and not using the template settings, by selecting More settings and ticking the option for Override templates recurrence settings.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 181
Producing a Multiple-Year Trial Balance
To produce a multiple-year trial balance, within Accounts Production select Reports > Trial Balance. Select Customise. The options are available to include additional periods and/or produce a column for Variance £ or %.
rating 04 Jul, 2023 Views: 167
How to Review a Yearly Comparison of your Tax Return
Within Tax Return Production, select the client and the tax return. From the View menu, select Yearly Comparison. From here you will be able to see the details the variance in income and expenses between the current and prior tax year.
rating 21 Mar, 2024 Views: 163
Using Custom Field Tokens in Communications Centre
Within Email Templates or Send Email, you can select the custom fields you have created within Admin Centre to populate in the client email. Simply select the options from the Token dropdown list to auto populate your email content with the custom field information.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 156
Creating a Checklist in Practice Manager Plus
You can now create checklists within our Jobs if you have a Practice Manager Plus licence. Simply create a new Job and on the Tasks tab select ‘Checklist mode’ on the top toggle. Checklists are also available within Job Templates in Admin Centre, so you can easily use them as templates for...
rating 08 Nov, 2023 Views: 146
Default Client List Views
You can create and manage default views within the Practice Manger clients screen to ensure you're seeing the information most pertinent to you and your practice. You can also select from the following default views already setup: Latest Accounts View Latest CS View Latest CT View Latest...
rating 24 Jan, 2024 Views: 144
Adding Other Relationships to an Envelope
eSign Centre allows you to add different relationships to an eSign envelope. You can also add ceased relationships as recipients if required. On the Recipient screen, simply click Add/Manage Relationships and manage client’s relationships directly from eSign Centre. You can choose existing...
rating 07 Dec, 2023 Views: 134
Adding Custom Field Columns in the Client List
Within the client list in Practice Manager, you can add/remove columns that you want displayed by right-clicking over the column header. You can also add your custom fields to display as a column from here.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 126
Selecting All Clients in Practice Manager Client List
Should you need to make certain updates to all clients at one time, for example, to set a portfolio manager, or to archive or delete clients, you can select all of your clients in one go using Ctrl+A.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 115
Customising the Client List Columns
Right click on one of the columns within the client list in Practice Manager to display a list of columns which you can select to display on your client list view.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 112
The Difference between Jobs and Tasks
Standalone Task - When you have one Task with one assignee and one due date. Workflow Tasks – Within a Job, Workflow Tasks are useful for those work related Jobs when there are multiple Tasks with multiple assignees and multiple due dates. You can also add automation and Tasks dependencies. ...
rating 04 Jul, 2023 Views: 108

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