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Default Client List Views
You can create and manage default views within the Practice Manger clients screen to ensure you're seeing the information most pertinent to you and your practice. You can also select from the following default views already setup: Latest Accounts View Latest CS View Latest CT View Latest...
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 1
Setting the Portfolio Manager in Bulk
Within Practice Manager you can bulk select clients to assign to a Portfolio Manager. To do this simply use one of the following options: Ctrl-click – to select specific clients from the client list Shift-click - to select a group of client Ctrl-A to highlight and select all clients ...
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Opening a Relationship Client Record from a Report
Within a report that includes relationship data, simply click on the relationship and the client record will open in Practice Manager.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Creating Drop Down Lists for Custom Fields
Within Admin Centre > Applications > Customise Practice Manager > Custom Fields, you can create a custom field with dropdown options. You can add as many as you need. This makes it much easier for users to select the correct information for the custom field.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Adding Custom Field Tokens to a Mail Merge
If you have created any custom fields, you can add these to any new mail merge templates you create along with many other options.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Opening a Client/Contact from the Relationships Screen in a Client Record
Within the Relationships screen for any client, select Open Client/Contact for quick access to the related client’s record.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Selecting All Clients in Practice Manager Client List
Should you need to make certain updates to all clients at one time, for example, to set a portfolio manager, or to archive or delete clients, you can select all of your clients in one go using Ctrl+A.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Customising the Client List Columns
Right click on one of the columns within the client list in Practice Manager to display a list of columns which you can select to display on your client list view.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Number of Active Jobs Displayed on Job Templates Table
Within Admin Centre > Applications > Customise Practice Manager > Job Templates, you can now see a count of how many active jobs are using any given job template.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Adding Custom Field Columns in the Client List
Within the client list in Practice Manager, you can add/remove columns that you want displayed by right-clicking over the column header. You can also add your custom fields to display as a column from here.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Data Mine Shortcut
Within Practice Manager, simply select the More filters option to quickly open the data mine wizard where you can find a specific client or a group of clients depending on the conditions entered.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Recur Job Templates Using Job Instance
You can now create a recurring job using a template, but have the recurrence use the job instance details and not using the template settings, by selecting More settings and ticking the option for Override templates recurrence settings.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Using Custom Field Tokens in Communications Centre
Within Email Templates or Send Email, you can select the custom fields you have created within Admin Centre to populate in the client email. Simply select the options from the Token dropdown list to auto populate your email content with the custom field information.
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Request Records Reminders
As well as being able to automate the process of requesting records, you can also automate sending optional reminders for specific contacts generating a message within the Pending Messages queue waiting for you to review and send. To activate the reminders automation, go to Admin Centre >...
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0
Communications Centre Notifications
Within the TaxCalc Notifications Panel you will receive the following notifications when: a scheduled message that is waiting in the pending queue becomes due. request for records/reminder emails are generated and are waiting in the pending queue. all users with a Communications Centre...
rating 23 Mar, 2023 Views: 0

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