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Top Tips and Tricks
Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in TaxCalc! Communications Centre These articles provide you with tips and tricks you can use within Communications Centre. How to Delete Emails in Bulk Practice Manager These articles provide you with tips and tricks you can use within...
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Using Teams in Practice Manager
If you have a Practice Manager Plus or Time licence you can create Teams to group together TaxCalc users within your firm. You can also add different tiers to create hierarchies depending on your requirements. This is particularly useful when assigning Jobs or Tasks meaning a group of users can...
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How to Override Job’s Template Settings
When a job is created from a Template a link to that template is maintained. This allows changes to be made to the template in the future and for those changes to then be automatically applied to any job using that template when it next recurs. For example, if the template has been set to use...
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Bulk Update Clients
Bulk Update Clients allows you to update certain information in bulk for your clients within Practice Manager. Bulk Updating Clients: Within Practice Manager, select the clients from the Client list. From the left-hand menu, select Bulk Update Clients to display the Bulk Update Clients...
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Creating a Checklist in Practice Manager Plus
You can now create checklists within our Jobs if you have a Practice Manager Plus licence. Simply create a new Job and on the Tasks tab select ‘Checklist mode’ on the top toggle. Checklists are also available within Job Templates in Admin Centre, so you can easily use them as templates for...
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Bulk Creating Work for Tax Returns and Annual Accounts
Using the Bulk Service Wizard means you can allocate and update existing services with specific fees and job templates. You can also activate jobs and create work for your clients in bulk for Self Assessment Tax Returns, Corporation Tax Returns and Annual Accounts. Bulk Creating Work: ...
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How to Assign Jobs to Additional Managers
Within Admin Centre you can create a custom field for Users to display a list of users within the practice which allows you to set additional custom user roles against the client. Adding a User Custom Field: Within Admin Centre > Applications > Customise Practice Manager, select the...
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The Difference between Jobs and Tasks
Standalone Task - When you have one Task with one assignee and one due date. Workflow Tasks – Within a Job, Workflow Tasks are useful for those work related Jobs when there are multiple Tasks with multiple assignees and multiple due dates. You can also add automation and Tasks dependencies. ...
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Filtering by Team, Offices or Roles in Work Management and Dashboard Widgets
If you would like to see specific client information relating to Teams, Offices, or Roles within Work Management and in your Dashboard Widgets you can use the filter option. Work Management Filtering by Teams, Offices or Roles Within Practice Manager > Work Management select Filter. ...
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Viewing the Most Recent Note for a Job or Task
Within Work Management users can view the most recent note added against a Job or Task by highlighting it in the table and viewing the “Most Recent Note” section in the right hand panel. Simply click on the Job or Task within the Work Management screen and review the information on the...
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Tips and Tricks Home Page
Communications Centre These articles provide you with tips and tricks you can use within Communications Centre. Using Custom Field Tokens in Communications Centre Request Records Reminders Communications Summary Widget Counters and Statuses Communications Centre...
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Customising Jobs and Tasks Widgets
You can customise any Widget you have added to your Dashboard by clicking the arrow icon in the top right corner of the Widget and selecting Edit. From here you can change the Widget title, height and more. Jobs assigned to me and Tasks assigned to me Widgets, give you an overall view of work to...
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Completing Tasks out of Sequence
You can complete tasks in any order. Checklist Tasks A checklist item has only two states, Planned or Completed. To complete a checklist item simply open the Job and from the Tasks tab, tick the completed item. You can tick them off in any order. Completing all items will automatically complete...
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Customising Columns in Work Management
Within the Work Management screen, default columns are displayed. You can modify the columns displayed, as well as the positioning of each column. Within Work Management right click on the column headings section. A list is displayed which shows all the column options available. Select the...
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Due Date Column Colours in Work Management
In the Work Management screen, you will see that the Due Date columns are categorised by colours. Here's what the colours mean: Red - means that the Job/Task is Overdue Orange - means that a reminder has been set for the Job/Task and the date is now in the reminder window
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