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How to make a backup of the Network version of TaxCalc if the program is not working

Article ID: 2630
Last updated: 27 Dec, 2019

On occasion, when TaxCalc is not working as expected, users may need to make a backup of TaxCalc from outside of the program. It is still possible to make a backup of the database through a utility (known as PGAdminIII or PGAdmin) provided within the database engine itself. This will only work if the database engine is functioning correctly.

  1. Go to Start > Search and type PGAdmin. Press return.
  2. The results should show the PGAdmin program icon. If more than one is found, hover over each one and select the 9.4 version (as shown below).

searching for pgadmin

  1. Once PGAdmin is open, a screen similar to the one below will be shown. If more than one is present  select the 9.4 version.

  1. After double-clicking this option, you will be presented with the login screen. At this point enter the Root Database Password and continue.

  1. If the root database password is not known, this can be reset from the Knowledge Base article Resetting the root database password.
  2. Select Databases > hub.
  3. Right-hand click on hub and choose the backup option.

  1. Click on the ... box and select the path where you want the database to be saved.

IMPORTANT: Always enter a full path. Just entering a filename and not a full path will cause the backup to fail.

  1. Allow the backup to finish. The following screen will be shown when the backup is complete.

The backup is now complete.

Article ID: 2630
Last updated: 27 Dec, 2019
Revision: 13
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