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Setting up a new machine or user on CloudConnect for the first time
The following steps should allow users to add a new user/machine to CloudConnect. There are three main steps. Set up a new user in the CloudConnect database Add TaxCalc to the computer Log in as the user for the first time Please Note: The following information will be required in...
rating 12 Jan, 2019 Views: 187
TaxCalc Mail Merge fails or does not work as expected
The TaxCalc Mail Merge function relies on the automation in the Microsoft Office Suite On occasion, customers report that it does not work as it should, (normally due to problems with their copy of Office or the COM add-ins). If you experience problems with Mail Merge, please go through the...
rating 15 Feb, 2018 Views: 143
Automatic Task Updates
The TaxCalc software can now enable automated task functions within the Hub. To enable these features, simply navigate to the following screen: Go to Admin Select Applications and highlight Client Hub Then Customise Client Hub Go to Task Options Automatic Task Updates are available at the...
rating 15 Sep, 2017 Views: 140
eSign Credentials – Email already in use
If you receive an error message titled Email already in use when trying to send an eSign envelope, it is because the email address you are trying to use has an account with Signable already associated with it. You will need to enter a new email address to be used with eSign Centre. After...
rating 21 Sep, 2018 Views: 135
How to use the Consent Management feature within Client Hub.
This article will go through the steps on using Consent Management for GDPR. Step 1: Launch Client Hub Step 2: Select a Client/Contact you have created (Double – click on the client or right click on the client and click on Edit Client/Contacts). Step 3: Select Engagement from the left...
rating 18 May, 2018 Views: 124
What happens to the TaxCalc Application when the license expires and is not renewed?
When the TaxCalc license expires, all of the content in the database becomes read-only. The application will not allow the user to edit, file or print tax returns or accounts. You will still be able to view your existing client list however their returns will be locked in a read only state until...
rating 21 Mar, 2019 Views: 120
How do I edit client notes in Client Hub?
You can only edit client notes if you're set up as an administrator, partner or manager. Users set up as secretary, junior or senior don't have the required privileges. To edit a client note that's already been created, follow these steps: Open Client Hub. Right-click on the client and...
rating 23 Sep, 2015 Views: 114
How to check the integration between tax returns and Client Hub data
If you enter any data in a tax return that has not been entered into the Client Hub (or vice versa), you can transfer the new values entered and overwrite the old entries. You can do this by checking the integration of a return. To do this: 1. Open the tax return for a client. 2. Click on...
rating 04 Aug, 2016 Views: 98
How do I create multiple relationships for the same person/entity(e.g. Director/Shareholder/PSC)?
To create multiple relationships for the same person/entity, complete the following steps: Launch Client Hub. Double-click on the relevant client. Click on Relationships. Add the individual/entity first by selecting Create Relationship. Click on Finish and Save. Tick Show all available...
rating 21 Mar, 2019 Views: 72
How to use the Bulk Consent Function within Consent Management
This article will go through the bulk consent function within the consent management screen. This enables you to add a consent for all of your clients. Please note: At this moment in time, you are unable to choose specific clients/contacts. This functionality will be available in a future release....
rating 26 Jul, 2018 Views: 70

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