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Can I run TaxCalc on a Mac?

Article ID: 837
Last updated: 07 Sep, 2018

We're working to make TaxCalc available to all our Mac customers. In the meantime, access depends on your type of TaxCalc account and Mac specifications.

We currently have three versions of the TaxCalc program. Not all versions of TaxCalc can be run from a Mac computer. If the Mac computer meets the System Requirements for TaxCalc  then it is possible to run TaxCalc, in the following scenarios;


The current version of TaxCalc can be run on a Mac OS for any tax year as far back as 2013. This applies to both practice and non-practice users. The standalone version is designed to be for a single user without the need for multiple machines sharing data. 


A Mac computer cannot be the main TaxCalc server. The network version of TaxCalc can only be installed as a client on a Mac computer. This means that the database and the database service Postgres, has to reside on a windows based computer. The Mac client will connect to the windows machine to see the database.

We are currently working towards the development of a TaxCalc server that can be installed on a Mac.


With the database residing in the Cloud TaxCalc can be installed and run from a Mac.

A Mac specific installer (dmg) can be downloaded from our website after logging into your account.

If you were previously running TaxCalc on Windows you can download the Mac version via the same route at any time, without additional charge.

For further information on downloading the Mac version or transferring earlier tax return files to Mac, read the Knowledge Base articles 

Article ID: 837
Last updated: 07 Sep, 2018
Revision: 20
Views: 5649
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