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Cannot connect to DB - Client machine

Article ID: 3013
Last updated: 24 Apr, 2023

The content in this article assumes that the server machine (the machine where the TaxCalc database is held) works. If TaxCalc does not work on the server, please see our article for Cannot connect to DB - Server machine.

Below will detail the steps to try and resolve this issue yourself in the most common sequence. 

1. Are the services required turned on?

In order for the TaxCalc database to be visible to other computers, you need a service to be running on the server machine. To check this, please complete the below steps:

  1. On the server, go to Start > type in Services and click on the option to open this prompt.
  2. Locate the Acorah Discovery service in the list and check the status. This needs to be started/running.
    1. A local administrator should have the option to turn this on and off (or restart) without any errors. If you are prompted with any errors, this is a permissions issue and needs to be taken up with your IT team.

2. Is your firewall correctly configured?

The next thing to check is whether the firewall is blocking the application from connecting to the server. Can you try to temporarily disable the firewall and open TaxCalc on the client machine. If disabling the firewall fixes this, firewall rules need to be added for the ports that TaxCalc uses. You may need to look at the configuration of the firewall on the server and the local machine before attempting to close and re-open TaxCalc. For more information on firewall settings, please read both of the below articles:

How do I configure the firewall for the network version of TaxCalc?
How do I configure my firewall software?

3. Drag and drop connection file.

As a last resort to try and force the connection, you can complete the below steps via the Database Connection File. We would however recommend avoiding this as it is a short term fix and may mean that there are bigger connection issues at the site and information from your IT consultant/expert may be required.

If you have done this previously, it may be that the previous drag and drop db connection file had been fixed to the IP address instead of the name. Occasionally IP addresses can change so we would recommend using the servername instead. Can you go to the server, click on Start > Discovery Response Editor > Ensure that the details within this pop up window contains the server name instead of the IP address.

a) On the server machine

  1. On the machine on which the database is installed, click on the Windows Start button.
  2. Select All Programs and then the TaxCalc Hub folder.
  3. Click on the Discovery Response Editor program. The following window will open.

  1. Click on Create Database Connection File....
  2. Save the database connection file (ASP_DB_Connection.txt) to a location that can be accessed from the additional machine.

b) On the additional machine

Click on the drag and drop message at the bottom of the "Cannot Connect to Database" window, and you will see the window below. Find the database connection file (ASP_DB_Connection.txt) you created in Step 4 and drag and drop it onto this screen.

You should now be presented with the login screen where you will be able to log in as usual.

4. Is the server available outside of TaxCalc?

If this still doesn’t work, we need to check if the client machine can see and speak to the server. To do this, please complete the below steps:

  1. Go to Start > type in cmd > right click > Run as admin…
  2. type in "PING servername" where servername is the PC name where the server resides*. By completing the ping to the server, it will attempt to send and receive a certain number of files (for example 4). If it is able to send and receive the same number of files, this should be working as we would expect.
    *If you are unsure of this, please open TaxCalc on the server, go to Help > About and note the Database location.

If you are unable to ping the TaxCalc server machine by name and IP address you will need to contact your IT department for further assistance.

If the above mentioned steps do not resolve the issue, please contact the support team to discuss this further. 

Article ID: 3013
Last updated: 24 Apr, 2023
Revision: 9
Views: 7319
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