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Update Failed - Error updating TaxCalc

Article ID: 2590
Last updated: 05 Apr, 2022

In certain circumstances, users may encounter the below error message:

This is due to a subsequent update or hotfix being released.

If you use the practice version of TaxCalc (with Practice Manager and the log in screen when opening TaxCalc usually), please ask your TaxCalc hub administrator (the user who logs in with the admin username and password) to log in from another machine and check if there are any available updates. Select Help > Check for Updates from the top toolbar. Once the very latest update has been applied, you should then be able to click on Try Again or restart TaxCalc on the affected machine for the update to process successfully. 

If you are usually presented with the TaxCalc tax years instead, please follow the instructions for Reinstalling TaxCalc in case of a failed update or other unexpected behaviour

If the error continues to occur or the admin user is unavailable please contact TaxCalc Support for further assistance.

Article ID: 2590
Last updated: 05 Apr, 2022
Revision: 7
Views: 12901
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