Cloud Database Server Downtime

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Last updated: 16 Aug, 2021

Scheduled maintenance downtime

TaxCalc will perform essential maintenance upgrades wherever possible within the following scheduled periods, during which the servers and service will be unavailable (i.e. 'downtime'):

  • From 2100 hours on the 15th of every month until 0300 hours on the 16th of every month.
  • Note that unless absolutely necessary, the scheduled maintenance period for any January will be suspended and the relevant work rolled into preceding or following scheduled maintenance periods.

For more information on the maintenance periods and their relation to service levels, please review Attachment 1 of the Cloud Service Agreement (CSA).

Unscheduled maintenance downtime

Maintenance situations may also occur that affect availability outside of the scheduled maintenance periods, as described in Section 4 of the CSA.

Other Causes of Server Downtime Error

There may be other reasons that cause this error message when attempting to connect to cloud include the below, or please refer to our knowledge base article CloudConnect connection issues.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) - If switched on this may prevent access to the cloud database as it may not be pointing to our cloud servers. It is possible this will have to be disabled or re-configured for it to work
  • No or little internet access - All users must be online in order to access the cloud database. A slow connection could prevent the user from connecting to our servers sufficiently
  • Firewall or Anti-Virus - It is possible that a third party provider that is installed on the machine is preventing the user access to our servers, i.e. stopping external communications 

Issues with Payment for the CloudConnect Service

  • If there are any issues with payment for CloudConnect, if set on a monthly fee basis, this can cause the software to stop working and show a Server Downtime error. You can check this by logging into the taxCalc website as the registered account holder. Queries or changes to payment plans must be discussed with our sales & accounts department respectively, and you can contact them through or 0345 5190 883
Article ID: 2588
Last updated: 16 Aug, 2021
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