I am running a Linux machine, how do i send error logs?

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Last updated: 10 May, 2021

If an issue is encountered using the TaxCalc program on a Linux based system, logs will be required to investigate further. Please ensure you send the required logs via email to support@taxcalc.com.


If the TaxCalc program is able to open, select Help > Send HealthCheck to TaxCalc from the top toolbar. This will gather and submit the healthcheck logs and provide you with a support ticket reference to confirm this has been sent. If TaxCalc does not open, please navigate to your Home/TaxCalcHub/bin directory and run the HealthCheck.sh file then save and email the output separately.


To provide us with program logs, a debug log will need to be created. To do this please ensure that TaxCalc is closed and then open a Terminal window.

Please note: different distributions of Linux will allow you to get to a Terminal window differently. On Ubuntu just search on the Ubuntu dash for Terminal. In Mint it will normally be shown at the bottom of the screen next to the menu bar (and on the menubar itself when selected). Other distributions may differ.

The Terminal window will normally open in the users home directory so you should just need to type the following;

script debugouput.txt <return>

cd TaxCalcHub/bin <return>

./TaxCalcHub <return>

TaxCalc will now start with debug output in the terminal window. 

You should then replicate the steps taken in TaxCalc to reproduce the issue you are experiencing. Once complete, Debug will create a text file in the same directory called DebugOutput. Please submit this via email as an attachment.

System Information

Alongside the program and debug logs, detailed system information will also be required. Open a new terminal window and enter the following commands;

script sysinfo.txt <return>

sudo lshw <return>

Then send the sysinfo file located in your Home directory via email.

Graphics Information

Some times GPU OpenGL and driver details need to be provided. If so open a new terminal window and enter the following commands;

glxinfo | grep "version" 

If the following error is returned sudo: lshw: command not found. You are missing the lshw package run the following command to download and install the relevant files.

sudo apt-get install lshw

Once installed re-run the above commands.

Article ID: 2478
Last updated: 10 May, 2021
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