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Error Licensing application - Error Code 36: "You have exceeded your permitted copies of TaxCalc..."

Article ID: 2469
Last updated: 18 Oct, 2018

The following error message is displayed when trying to start TaxCalc:

Error Licencing Application: Error code 36: You have exceeded the permitted copies of TaxCalc.

This message appears when the licensing server indicates that the licence is already in use on the maximum permitted number of machines.

By default, you are allowed to install TaxCalc on two machines. Network users can have two concurrent users using Tax Production / Accounts Production on the same database. This is to help prevent piracy of our software and also to ensure you're using the correct installation.

If you have moved from one computer to another (or one server to another) it is recommended that you move your data/tax returns across to the new computer, then uninstall TaxCalc from the old machine. This will instruct the license server that TaxCalc has been uninstalled, freeing up the license for the new installation. The instructions at the bottom of this article will guide you in doing this.

Please note: uninstalling only removes the TaxCalc program, not the data. 

If you are unable to uninstall TaxCalc from the old computer, or the message persists, you can clear your installation nodes by using the following link. Log in and follow the onscreen instructions to reset your licensed nodes.

Reset my licensed nodes now

More information about moving TaxCalc between machines can be found in the following Knowledge Base items:

Moving TaxCalc to a new PC (Practice - Standalone User)
Moving TaxCalc to a new server (Practice - Network version)
Moving TaxCalc to a new PC (Individual User)

Article ID: 2469
Last updated: 18 Oct, 2018
Revision: 11
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