I downloaded the TaxCalc installer but I cannot find it (deleted by Norton)

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Last updated: 09 Jan, 2017

TaxCalc have observed that in some instances Norton 360 removes the installer file from the downloads folder as it completes the download. This is due to a feature of Norton 360 (and Norton Internet Security) which decides which files are safe based upon what other people are downloading. It is likely that Norton hasn't got enough information about the TaxCalc file so although there is no security risk at all, it has decided to block it.

You should be able to recover the file by going through the following process:

  1. Open Norton 360.
  2. On the main Norton screen go to the Tasks tab.
  3. Select Check Security History. (You may also be able to get to the security history section by right hand click on the Norton icon in the system Tray and View recent History).
  4. In Security History you should see the TaxCalchub download file (probably shown as a medium threat, in orange). It will be quarantined (see screenshot below).

  1. Select the taxcalchub installer file.
  2. On the right-hand side, you will now be able to select Restore.
  3. When prompted to restore this risk to your computer, select Yes.
  4. Click on Close.
  5. Go to the downloads folder, where the file will now show up. You can now run the installer.

Please note: Some versions of Norton may appear different to the screenshot but the issue is caused by the same Download Insight feature in their products. The following is a link to the Norton Support site with more information on this problem:

My Norton product alerts that the file I downloaded is not safe, and deletes it

If you cannot find the options listed above, then you may have to perform the following steps.

Important: TaxCalc can take no responsibility from any issues arising from the disabling of security features.

  1. Find the Norton icon in the system tray.
  2. Right-click on the icon and disable the Firewall.
  3. Right-click on the icon again and disable the Anti-Virus.
    1. You will be asked to confirm how long you need these features disabled for - choose 15 minutes.
  4. Download the installer from the TaxCalc website again.
  5. Run the installer to complete the installation.
  6. Right hand click on the icon in the system tray again and enable the Firewall and AV features.

Article ID: 2389
Last updated: 09 Jan, 2017
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