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Can I use TaxCalc for remote working

Article ID: 2192
Last updated: 26 Aug, 2016

If you have a network version of the software it is reasonably easy to configure your system to allow remote users access to the program.

Alternatively you may want to consider our cloud version, which will make it easy for remote users to connect to your database. More information on this setup can be found here: Is there a Cloud version of TaxCalc? 

What's Required:

  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN) configured at the main site where the TaxCalc server is located.
  • A VPN client configured on the remote PC.
  • The server and remote machines should have the ability to see each other when connected via the VPN (e.g. in the same subnet, with no firewall in between).
  • The installer file needs to be downloaded from the TaxCalc website to the remote machine.
  • IMPORTANT: The version of the installer must be the same as the version installed on the server. Before starting this process, make sure the server version is updated to the latest version of TaxCalc.

At The Server

  • Run the Discovery Response Editor to create an asp_db_connection file. Save this file and transfer/email it to the remote PC.

At The Workstation

  • Download the latest installer from the TaxCalc website.
  • Establish the VPN.
  • Start the installer.
  • Once the installation is complete, the program should start but will probably fail to find the database. If it does, select the drag and drop option to drop the asp_db_connection file on top of the error message, this should resolve the connection issue.


When an update is run on the server, remote users will find it takes a while to start the program when they log on after the update as their machine is downloading the update over the VPN. It is recommended you co-ordinate with these users so they are aware when an update is run.

If VPN users have an issue running the update, they can simply download it from the website and run an additional machine install after the server has been updated.

IMPORTANT: TaxCalc cannot troubleshoot issues arising from the configuration of your VPN.

Article ID: 2192
Last updated: 26 Aug, 2016
Revision: 18
Views: 1503
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