I cannot open my TaxCalc file(s)

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Last updated: 21 Mar, 2024

If you try to open a TaxCalc return and it will not open, the most likely reason is that you are trying to open it with the wrong year's program.

For each year’s returns, you need to perform File > Open using the corresponding year's software. Here is a list of the file extensions and final version number for each year:

File Program Final Version
.tcs13, .tcs14, .tcs15, .tcs16, .tcs17, .tcs18, .tcs19, .tcs20, .tcs21, .tcs22, .tcs23, .tcs24  TaxCalc 2013 onwards Current release
.tcs12 TaxCalc 2012 12.20.03
.tcs11 TaxCalc 2011 11.16.01
.tcs10 TaxCalc 2010 10.22.01
.s09 TaxCalc 2009 9.30.04
.s08 TaxCalc 2008 8.18.00
.s07 TaxCalc 2007 7.10.09
.s06 TaxCalc 2006 6.95
.s05 TaxCalc 2005 5.61

Please note: TaxCalc 2013 onwards is a multi-year program with functionality added for each tax year going forward.

You can download previous years' versions from your account on our website. Go to My Products and Services, scroll down for the View your Previous Tax Years' Products link . Use the Licence Key listed for the specific years to download the program.

Article ID: 2116
Last updated: 21 Mar, 2024
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