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Reinstalling TaxCalc in case of a failed update or other unexpected behaviour

Article ID: 2039
Last updated: 07 Oct, 2019

On occasion the software can become corrupt. Experience shows us this is often due to a failed web download, sometimes cancelled  when it takes longer than expected. In most cases a simple reinstall from the website will resolve the issue. 

A re-installation may also be required if an older database has been restored.

Please Note - In most cases there is no need to uninstall the existing program

  • Go to and log on
  • Click on My Account (next to the login box)
  • On the drop-down arrow, select the My Products and Services page
  • Click Download to get TaxCalc.
  • In order to download the file again Tick the box that says “I understand…” then Download.
  • Choose the version of TaxCalc for the platform you use.
  • When the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file and the installation will start. (Mac users should drag the taxcalc app to the applications folder overwriting the previous version) During the installation, leave all the options at the default.
  • Once the installation is complete the program should function correctly.
Article ID: 2039
Last updated: 07 Oct, 2019
Revision: 6
Views: 10310
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