Excluding sites from Proxy Server checking

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Last updated: 11 Sep, 2018

On some systems user may need to add a website as an exception to their Proxy server.

System Admins can exclude the following sites from checking by proxy servers. The main sites users would likely to need to exclude from checking are as follows.





Please Note - the *(star) in front of the url denotes a wildcard and so for example means any address at .acorahsoftware.com

API Exceptions

With users making use of api functionality in TaxCalc, the following domains may need to be added in order to allow the api's to function as expected. Other domains may be added as api usage expands.



if you wish to add the proxy server settings into the program this is also possible, see the related KB Adding Proxy Server settings to TaxCalc for more information.

Article ID: 2028
Last updated: 11 Sep, 2018
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