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Tax Return Production
Where do I enter Jobseekers Allowance on the return?
To enter Jobseekers Allowance, go to the Jobseekers Allowance screen in SimpleStep or HMRC Forms. SimpleStep mode Select Pension income and benefits from the left-hand menu. Tick the box Jobseekers Allowance. Click Next Step to go to the Jobseekers Allowance screen. HMRC Forms mode ...
rating 02 Mar, 2018 Views: 8677
Can I file a paper return using TaxCalc?
If you want to file a paper return, you can print your return using TaxCalc and then send this by post. PLEASE NOTE: When you print the return, you must ensure that you print the return in greyscale or colour. Black and white returns will be rejected. The paper return deadline is 31 October 2019...
rating 21 Mar, 2019 Views: 8503
How do I recover my HMRC password?
You can't recover your HMRC password via TaxCalc because we encrypt it for security reasons. Instead, you'll need to contact HMRC directly for a new password. Phone Call HMRC on 0300 200 3600 to receive a new password by registered post. Online You can complete the password reset online....
rating 30 Jan, 2015 Views: 8366
Budget Announcement of the End of the Tax Return
In his Budget speech of 8 March 2017, Chancellor George Osborne announced that the tax return regime would be abolished in favour of an online tax account. HMRC have introduced Making Tax Digital (MTD) which will become available in 2018. Please refer to our Micro-Site which contains updated...
rating 22 Sep, 2017 Views: 7768
How do I offset furnished holiday letting losses against other income?
You can no longer offset furnished holiday letting losses against other income. This change came into effect from the tax year ending 5 April 2012. You can only offset furnished holiday letting losses against future profits from the same property. For further information read 'What you can do...
rating 22 Sep, 2017 Views: 7604
When licensing TaxCalc I get the error: Product not purchased
If you receive this error message when trying to license TaxCalc, it means that: you haven't yet purchased the product. or (for Practice products) the licence has expired. However, if you have successfully purchased or renewed your software, there might be an issue with the system clock on...
rating 02 Mar, 2018 Views: 7293
Summer Budget 2015 Update
Introduction Following a change of Government, Chancellor George Osborne had held a second Budget of the year on 8 July 2015. In this Knowledge Base article, we shall consider the key changes and ambitions of this Government that had previously been announced in this Budget. Income Tax The...
rating 25 Sep, 2017 Views: 7209
Connection error when submitting a tax return to HMRC
If you receive a connection error message when attempting to submit an online tax return, this means that your submission isn't getting through to the Gateway quickly enough and the Gateway has closed the internet connection to prevent it becoming blocked. The likely causes of this error are...
rating 02 May, 2018 Views: 6825
How do I offset losses on a CT600 Corporation Tax return?
Whether the losses are for the current year or brought forward, you need to declare all of the information on the same page, known as the Trading Losses record. To do this you can use SimpleStep or HMRC Forms mode. SimpleStep mode Go to: CT600 Full/Short or Core > Trade and professional...
rating 02 Aug, 2016 Views: 6794
How do I find a missing file? (Individual, Partnership and Limited Company users)
When using TaxCalc's Individual, Partnership and Limited Company range of products, all returns that you create are stored on your local machine as return files. The files will be named with the following extensions: Individual – .tcsXX (where XX is the relevant tax year – for example...
rating 21 Mar, 2019 Views: 6534

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