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Accounts Production
What's new in Accounts Production Q&A...
Our latest Accounts Production update (6.2.011) sees a number of changes being implemented for Accounts Production. We are including the new and common questions which may be asked below. Why have some of my notes been turned off/excluded after updating? Can I change the default text for a note...
rating 13 Feb, 2018 Views: 102
Why can I no longer generate Abbreviated Accounts?
Abbreviated Accounts can still be generated for filing at Companies House for accounting periods starting before 1 January 2016.However, as part of the changes to the Small Companies Regime, the option to prepare Abbreviated Accounts was removed and therefore can no longer be applied for periods...
rating 06 Feb, 2018 Views: 101
How can I identify which notes (under Edit Notes) are required by company law (FRS 102 1A)?
Filter options are available within Edit Notes (from version 6.2); the combo-box includes options show only notes that are required by law (aka mandatory) OR encouraged by FRS (applies to FRS 102 1A only); and another to show only notes that are on OR off (all standards). The addition of these...
rating 15 Feb, 2018 Views: 88
Unable to connect to FreeAgent – Unable to fetch trial balance
When connecting to FreeAgent in Accounts Production, users may see Unable to fetch TrialBalance, Error: An error has occurred – please contact support if this error persists’ message. This error occurs if a user has not been set with the correct permissions within FreeAgent. Users will need...
rating 12 Dec, 2018 Views: 87
Why have some of my notes been turned off/excluded after updating?
We’ve listened to customer feedback with regards the default inclusion of selected notes. As a result, a review of all notes has been carried out and on version 6.2 the master defaults have been updated to only include (either automatically or where relevant postings exist) those notes that are...
rating 06 Feb, 2018 Views: 85
How do I include the Statement of Changes in Equity within the Registrar Financial Statements?
1. Select Notes 2. Edit Notes 3. Statement of Changes in Equity 4. Set ‘Include Statement of Changes in Equity in Registrar Financial Statements (from version 6.2). Please note: There are differing opinions in the profession about the inclusion, or not, of the Statement of Changes in...
rating 09 Aug, 2018 Views: 78
How do I change the Audit Information note within the Registrar Financial Statements?
The content within Audit Information note is generated from information provided for Report of the Auditors’, within the Full Financial Statements as found within Edit Notes > Auditors’ Report. A preview of the Audit Information note can be found within Edit Notes > Audit Information.
rating 06 Feb, 2018 Views: 52
Why has the Report of the Auditors’ changed?
The Report of the Auditor's has been updated (from version 6.2) for periods starting on or after 17 June 2016 to support the requirements of ISA (UK) 700 (Revised June 2016) and other reporting requirements of the ISAs (UK). The FRC has provided a compendium of illustrative auditor’s reports...
rating 06 Feb, 2018 Views: 49
Why am I getting an Audit Information note within the Registrar Financial Statements?
An Audit Information note is included within Audited Registrar Financial Statements (in place of the Report of the Auditors’) in accordance with the CA s444(5B) (from version 6.2).
rating 06 Feb, 2018 Views: 47
Error #3207 'This account has been suspended'
The error message #3207 'This account has been suspended' means that there is an invoice outstanding at Companies House side which needs to be paid before they re-activate the account. Because a credit account is required for the use of Companies House Forms and Company Incorporator, this is the...
rating 19 Mar, 2019 Views: 45

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