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Tax Return Production
What is a 5093 Invalid authentication type error?
When you receive the 5093 error message, this is because the UTR details entered when attempting to file are incorrect, or they do not match what HMRC are expecting. This message is sent directly from HMRC as the portal does not recognise the UTR for the chosen service. This error is common...
rating 09 Jun, 2021 Views: 957
Does the trial have any limitations?
The 14-day trial is a nearly fully functioning version of TaxCalc, with some limitations: Anything that is printed will appear with a watermark. You will not be able to file online whilst on a trial period. It is not possible to export any reports to Word/Excel.
rating 03 Aug, 2020 Views: 931
Why aren't the IRmark and time stamp appearing when I print a tax return?
If the IRmark and time stamp are on the top of each page, and on the pdf preview but don't appear when you print your return, check your printer settings: Go to the heading Page Sizing & Handling. Click on Fit. Click on Fit to printable area or Shrink to fit (or similar). Print document. ...
rating 24 Mar, 2022 Views: 910
Can I still use separate credentials for each client when filing online?
You can still use separate filing credentials when filing online. You'll have two options when you file the return: Manually type in the credentials that you use to log into the HMRC website – this can be any user ID and password that's registered to file online for this Unique Taxpayer...
rating 19 Nov, 2015 Views: 899
Why I am getting a message regarding unallocated finance costs brought forward ?
If you have several instances of foreign property income for which there are previous unused finance costs, you may have to manually enter the brought forward finance costs for those properties. You will receive the following TaxCalc message: In the previous tax year, there were unused...
rating 24 Mar, 2020 Views: 886
HMRC Filing Exclusions and Special Cases 2022/23
HMRC Filing Exclusions 2022/23 Exclusions have arisen due to the previous introduction of additional allowances and bands for certain types of income, making the calculation of the tax liability more complex. HMRC systems expect our software to match their method of calculation in order for the...
rating 30 Nov, 2023 Views: 847
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on HMRC Forms
Please see the following instructions on how to complete the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) pages on HMRC Forms Go to Capital Gains > Do you want to complete the Capital Gains page? ‘Yes’ > Do you wish to use Forms Mode? ‘Yes’ HMRC Forms mode is a form filling exercise where you...
rating 04 Apr, 2023 Views: 845
Does TaxCalc cater for foreign residency or Dual Tax pages?
Yes, TaxCalc caters for foreign and dual residency pages. The residence and remittance pages have wizards which help you fill the criteria while calculating your tax, so you always know how much you need to pay or are owed. You can calculate your personal allowances by virtue of Double Taxation...
rating 29 Mar, 2022 Views: 841
Annual Investment Allowance 2019 Update
The AIA limit is increased from £200,000 to £1 million for two years from 1 January 2019. This increase has been extended until the tax period falling before 1 April 2023. Transitional rules will apply where there is a chargeable period which spans the 1 January 2019, or 1 April 2023: ...
rating 29 Mar, 2022 Views: 839
Do I need to enter an acquisition date for my Capital Gains?
When adding Capital Gains you do need to enter an acquisition date for an SA900 but not for an SA100. SA900 If you don't enter a date of acquisition on an SA900, online submission will fail. You can enter either the actual or approximate date, as the date is no longer relevant to the...
rating 29 Mar, 2022 Views: 837
Can I run TaxCalc on Linux?
The TaxCalc application is now available on Linux for Individual and Standalone practice users. We are currently developing a network version which will be available in the future. As for now, you are able to have a LINUX machine as one of the additional machines if a windows machine acts as the...
rating 29 Mar, 2022 Views: 827
1046 - I am trying to file a limited company tax return (CT600) for myself or friends and family
The best course of action is to attempt the below to verify your account setup and the UTR required for the submission. Step 1: Are you able to successfully log in to the HMRC government gateway portal? TaxCalc has the ability to import the entries for the HMRC User ID and password (if imported...
rating 29 Jun, 2021 Views: 822
Why is the interest amount on the SA302 summary different from the amount entered on the return?
The interest on the SA302 summary will be different from the interest on the return because the SA302 shows the gross amount received (before tax has been deducted) and the return shows the net amount (after tax has been deducted). The amount on the SA302 summary is calculated by taking the net...
rating 25 Feb, 2015 Views: 816
How to import/restore tax return files when moving from the personal to practice interface?
Your tax returns are still present within your folder structure. The practice version of TaxCalc utilises a database to store your data instead of individual tax return files. You simply need to import your returns into the database. Locate your Tax return files. Before starting ensure you know...
rating 29 Mar, 2022 Views: 811
How do I enter creative tax credit on my CT600?
Creative industry tax reliefs are a group of tax reliefs that allows qualifying companies to increase their amount of allowable expenditure and thereby reduce the corporation tax liability. In case the company incurs a loss during the period, you will be able to a surrender this loss and convert...
rating 23 May, 2023 Views: 808

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