Cannot make a backup when TaxCalc needs updating (CloudConnect customers only)

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Last updated: 09 Mar, 2023

Some customers have experienced a problem when trying to update their copy of TaxCalc on the TaxCalc CloudConnect platform. The following message is received:

Once running v11.15.087 or later, you will also receive the following notification:

The program will not let users make a backup of the database. This forces users to continue without making a backup or abort the update. TaxCalc does not recommend updating any version of the program without making a backup during the update process.

This issue arises as backups at the time of update are counted as manual backups. CloudConnect customers are only able to retain a maximum of 10 manual backups on the CloudConnect platform.

To resolve this issue, older backups need to be removed first.

  1. Open TaxCalc as the admin user.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Database.
  3. In the main panel choose the Manual backup(s) to delete.
  4. Select Delete backup from table.
  5. Delete Backup then click OK.
  6. The update can now be run. In some cases, more than one backup will need to be deleted due to the way in which TaxCalc treats the backups. We recommend deleting the four oldest manual backups. Automatic backups cannot be deleted.

Article ID: 2809
Last updated: 09 Mar, 2023
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