How do I move my tax return between two computers to file online? (Individual Users)

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Last updated: 27 Dec, 2019

To move your tax return between two computers, it is recommended follow these steps:

  1. Complete your tax return and save it to a known location using File > Save.
  2. To find a tax return that you've already saved, go to My Returns, click on your name and make a note of the file location.
  3. Exit TaxCalc.
  4. Go to the known location and copy the tax return file onto a memory stick. Do not 'write protect' the memory stick.
  5. Go to the second computer, insert the memory stick and start TaxCalc (which should already be installed).
  6. Click on File > Open in the top menu bar of TaxCalc and navigate to the memory stick.
  7. Select your file and click on Open.
  8. Click on Check & Finish and check your return.
  9. Click on File online and follow the instructions on screen. 
  10. Once completed, remove the memory stick, go back to the first computer and copy the updated file back into the original folder. You can overwrite the original file or rename one of them before saving.

NOTE: Your filing history will be saved to the file on your memory stick so you can take it back to your computer with a record of having filed online.

Please be aware that the above steps only apply to the non-practice applications and is not supported by the practice modules. 

Article ID: 861
Last updated: 27 Dec, 2019
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