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Known issues in the latest released version of TaxCalc

Article ID: 2633
Last updated: 21 Mar, 2019

Below is a list of notable issues that have been reported in the latest live version of TaxCalc since its release.

Other issues may exist that have not yet been confirmed or investigated, or are trivial/cosmetic. 

This should be read in conjunction with our article How are software enhancements and issues prioritised at TaxCalc?

Accounts Production

Issue Description Workaround Case reference

Resolution schedule

Balance Sheet declaration showing different information in edit and preview mode -  Currently showing as 'The members have not' and in preview mode it shows 'The member has not'. N/A PROD-75 TBC
Page breakdown in the Financial Statements Export to Word PROD-100 TBC
Posting batch screen is too big and cannot be resized Drag the corner of the window of the posting batch screen to resize PROD-642 TBC
Report layout for accounts is displaying the title at the bottom of the page not the top. Export to Word PROD-734 TBC

Tax Return Production

Issue Description Workaround Case reference Resolution schedule
Cannot save due to more than 50 characters being entered for the address field Restrict the address characters to < 50, even though the software enables more than 50. PROD-439 TBC
When printing multiple copies using the TaxCalc PDF viewer, it duplicates the number of documents printed. Click on View > PDF Viewing > Change the setting. PROD-446 TBC
SA100 Joint Importing - Finance cost wizard - only 75% of data is getting imported None, other than manual editing on the return PROD-1007 TaxCalc 2019 - Initial Launch
FTCR calculations are incorrect in SOME circumstances Check calculations OR contact TaxCalc Support HUB-4429 TaxCalc 2019 - Initial Launch
SA800 - Turnover is removed when switching from summary only/full breakdown Select the correct option first time and avoid switching each time. PROD-1123 TBC
10% foreign pensions note does not get removed from the additional information pages after updating to V6.6.024  Manually re-create the tax return (OR support can do this for you) PROD-983 TBC
No validation in regards to the name length on Q14 on an SA900 return N/A PROD-1755 TBC


CloudConnect users cannot makeup a backup when updating TaxCalc. (Only if exceeded 10 backups) Please see Knowledge Base article on: Cannot make a backup when TaxCalc needs updating (CloudConnect customers only) N/A N/A
TaxCalc crashes during installation/OpenGL Please see Knowledge Base article on: TaxCalc Crashes during installation or Update to Version 6 or later N/A N/A
TaxCalc crashes when creating/editing a Tax Return or a set of Accounts Please see Knowledge Base article on: How to change the Advanced Display Settings within TaxCalc if the software does not display as expected N/A N/A
TaxCalc application appears to large on screen after an update Please see Knowledge Base article on: TaxCalc display is too large after update.
"Could not translate hostname" after updating to Windows 10 Go to the main server machine, run the discovery response editor and insert the IP address under hostname > click OK PROD-982 TBC

VAT Filer

Issue Description Workaround Case reference Resolution schedule
Error on line 1 at column 1: Document is empty. Remove special characters such as & or < etc in the business name or address lines. PROD-1905 TaxCalc 2019 - Initial Launch

FYI - API - 404 not found error message indicates that HMRC held no record of the data. This is dependant upon as and when they finish their reconciliation process. Please refer to our Knowledge Base article on: HMRC Fetch API - Taxpayer data not found. Error: 404 for further information.

Please ensure you are running the latest version of TaxCalc to use the Fetch facility. Any versions below 6.5.027 will not work in conjunction with the fetch function.

Article ID: 2633
Last updated: 21 Mar, 2019
Revision: 43
Views: 3871
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