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Known issues in the latest released version of TaxCalc

Article ID: 2633
Last updated: 24 Sep, 2021

Below is a list of notable issues that have been reported in recent versions of TaxCalc since their release. Other issues may exist that have not yet been confirmed or investigated, or are trivial/cosmetic. This should be read in conjunction with our article How are software enhancements and issues prioritised at TaxCalc?

TaxCalc & Mac OS Big Sur

Please refer to the following knowledge base article, Mac OS Big Sur & TaxCalc

Accounts Production

Issue Description Workaround Case reference

Resolution schedule

Trial balance - Import via CSV file greyed out in certain conditions. Primarily where Xero is the default selection and 2FA for the user is not enabled.

- Go into the TB import screen

- change the drop down from Xero to one of the other providers listed

- change the radial option back to from CSV file and the continue button will be available.

PROD-6423 tbc
Individual mappings within an import map are removed where an import is performed and there is no value imported for that mapping. Mappings can be re-entered manually or mapping files can be restored from a previously exported import map file.  PROD-6178 Released in v11.15.096
Notes are not being brought forward correctly for periods starting on or after 15th December 2019. Notes details can be entered manually. PROD-6193 Released in v11.15.096
In the posting screen the account search in the Account/Account name is no longer showing the grouping name. Searching using the magnifying glass in the ‘Account’ field will display the accounts and groupings.   PROD-6138 Released in v11.15.096

The detailed balance sheet is displayed at the bottom of the trading profit and loss rather than on a new page where the FRS102 Trading profit and loss is selected to be included in the FRS105 accounts.

The accounts will need to be manually amended in word.

PROD-6130 Released in v11.15.096
Import Trial Balance from a CSV file isn’t importing figures when Debit and Credit values are in a single column. Amend the CSV file to separate the Debit and Credit values into separate columns and the figures will import successfully. Please note you may need to create a new import map for this change in layout. PROD-6121 Released in v11.15.096
New template batch is creating an empty batch without the auto-filled account codes. To manually create the template batch, the previous year’s trial balance can be exported to CSV from Report > Trail Balance > Export Report and Imported via CSV using Posting > Import Trial Balance. PROD-6124 Released in v11.15.096
Posting batch screen is too big and cannot be resized Drag the corner of the window of the posting batch screen to resize PROD-642 TBC
QuickBooks Online Fetch Issue Send a health check to TaxCalc Support via Help > Send Health check to TaxCalc. PROD-2416 N/A
Unable to import from XERO XERO are investigating this. Please send a health check to TaxCalc Support via Help > Send Health check to TaxCalc. PROD-2170 TBC
QuickBooks year end doesn't match error Contact Support. We are currently investigating with QuickBooks. PROD-1207 TBC
Financial Statements exported to Word may not show page numbers as expected Manually amend the Word document PROD-5719 Released in v11.15.87

Tax Return Production

Issue Description Workaround Case reference Resolution schedule
Locking SA800 return causes SA100 validation message about changes made on SA800 return Ignore the validation error or refresh import PROD-5924 Scheduled for Autumn release (October/November)

User may receive the following message when trying to submit an SA100 return, with no CGT entries

Submission must contain at least one attachment or an entry in the whitespace if Capital Gains Summary is present

- Switch to HMRC Forms Mode

- Click on SA100 Core Return > Page 2

- Change the radio button from No to Yes for Capital Gains Tax summary (Number 7)

- Change the radio button back to No and click on Yes to the pop up box

- Re-file the tax return.

PROD-5923 Released in v11.15.87
CGT - Residential Property - Tax paid Box 12 is being rounded down Manually round the tax paid value up to the nearest pound PROD-5872 Scheduled for Autumn release (October/November)
SPS16 Check and Finish error message incorrectly display in some cases. Once checked and happy the validation can be ignored or change to the full form where this is not shown PROD-5824 Released in v11.15.87

SA100 self employment short form printed - other income text misaligned with boxes (10.0 & 10.1)
The full form appears as expected. PROD-5738 Released in v11.15.87

2020/21 self-employment not factoring in SEISS money received in profit calculation on balance sheet.

HMRC have advised and we will be putting the following into Check and Finish on a future release.

'Net Business Assets (Box 94) does not equal Balance at end of period (Box 99) - the difference is £xx.xx. If this is due to rounding please adjust the Drawings figure in box 99 to ensure that the balance sheet balances.  If this is due to SEISS payments being included in the accounts, this has been raised by HMRC as a Special case (ID42).  In these circumstances, HMRC have advised to include the SEISS amount in box 97 (Capital introduced).'


Released in v11.15.87

CT600 - incorrect validation for box 895 when an amount hasn't been entered for tax credits ignore the validation message and proceed with submission as the return will file online successfully PROD-5449 Scheduled for Autumn release (October/November)
Read only message appearing in Notifications Panel (Non-practice users) Usage of the application is retained so users can ignore the Notification and proceed with required entries. PROD-5165 TBC
Non-Practice interface may not show TaxCalc 2013 or TaxCalc 2014 as available. double-click on a tcs13/tcs14 tax return file will open as expected in TaxCalc PROD-3720 Released in v11.15.87
CT600 - in some cases an accounts import/attachment refresh error does not clear after a refresh/reattachment. Investigation around this is ongoing. In some cases it has been noted to close TaxCalc and log back in will resolve the message. PROD-1165 TBC

Other modules/General

Issue Description Workaround Case reference Resolution schedule
In some cases users are receiving a 'concurrent user limit reached' message, preventing them from accessing the application.

Please log in as 'admin' and apply the v11.16.123 update to resolve. If you continue to have problems please contact so we can look into your account further.

PROD-6425 Release in v11.16.123
Tick boxes not showing as ticked when selected. In cases where this happens this is a display issue and the entry has been ticked and will be confirmed on subsequent screens depending on the affected area PROD-6422 Release in v11.16.123
In some cases users may receive a "You do not have permission to access this application, please contact your administrator for help." on opening TaxCalc.

Click on Close and continue to use TaxCalc as normal.

This is currently being investigated

PROD-6413 Release in v11.16.123
eSign - Unable to send

There can be a number of reasons for the message appearing. Support are trying to obtain additional information to locate the required information to resolve this. Please contact support and report the error in order for the information to be obtained.

Assessment required on a case by case basis TBC
2021 Help files on Mac OS not showing as expected in some situations. Please contact so we can review this further. PROD-5754 Scheduled for Autumn release (October/November)
AML Centre - Slow loading of Firm Wide Compliance  Wait for the module to load, once it has opened navigation within the module is back to normal. PROD-5461 TBC


Issue Description Workaround Case reference Resolution schedule
Blank screen when opening tax returns on Mac systems.

How to resolve the white screen issue on my Mac


TaxCalcHub is damaged and cannot be opened... when opening TaxCalc on Mac systems When opening TaxCalc on Mac systems - "TaxCalcHub is damaged and can't be opened." PROD-5206 TBC
Malicious software prompt when opening TaxCalc on Mac systems Issues installing TaxCalc on Catalina / Big Sur OS PROD-2708 TBC
TaxCalc crashes when selecting  TaxCalcHub > Exit  on Mac systems Use the red apple close icon. PROD-2929 TBC
"There is no application set to open the document" when double clicking on a 2021 return on a Mac system. Select Choose Application and choose TaxCalcHub. PROD-5842 TBC
Unable to resize windows Check your scaling in your display settings on windows.  PROD-642 TBC
Cannot take a backup before updating. CloudConnect customers only. Cannot make a backup when TaxCalc needs updating (CloudConnect customers only) PROD-4780 Released in v11.15.87
Display or size issues with TaxCalc on Windows computers Please see Knowledge Base article on: TaxCalc display is too large after update. N/A N/A
Error updating database after restoring an old database into the latest version of TaxCalc Please see Knowledge Base article on: Error Updating Database after restoring from an old backup file. PROD-4777 N/A
Linux / Linux distributions Fetch process does not complete. A blank screen is shown when trying to fetch a new VAT token. PROD-5408,
Article ID: 2633
Last updated: 24 Sep, 2021
Revision: 124
Views: 17443
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