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Known issues in the latest released version of TaxCalc

Article ID: 2633
Last updated: 02 Nov, 2022

Below is a list of notable issues that have been reported in recent versions of TaxCalc since their release. Other issues may exist that have not yet been confirmed or investigated, or are trivial/cosmetic. This should be read in conjunction with our article How are software enhancements and issues prioritised at TaxCalc?

Accounts Production

Issue Description Workaround Case reference

Resolution schedule

Following a change we believe implemented by Quickbooks when you try to Import from Quickbooks via the API it may return a Browser not supported message.

A temporary change has been made in v13.0.054 though you may need to contact if you're still experiencing the problem.

Importing the TB via the Import via CSV file option.

We are contacting QuickBooks to investigate further.

PROD-8738 Released in v13.0.054
Posting batch screen is too big and cannot be resized Drag the corner of the window of the posting batch screen to resize PROD-642 TBC

Tax Return Production

Issue Description Workaround Case reference Resolution schedule
On Macs running Mac OS Ventura there may be a filing error relating to content in additional information Box 19.

If you have an alternative machine which is not running Mac OS Ventura please use this to file. We are investigating other other options to allow submission.

OS Ventura is currently partially supported against the current Autumn release. (v13.0) and we expect full support from our Winter release. Please note our System Requirements for more information.

PROD-8753 Scheduled for Winter release
Voluntary Class 2 NIC tick option not calculating Class 2 amount on SA302 for Self employment, Partnerships and Lloyds. SimpleStep Mode: Working out your tax > Class 2 & Class 4 NICs maximum charge > Click on Class 2 payable wizard > Override automatic calculation. Enter an amount up to £158.60 PROD-8732 Released in v13.0.054
CT600 refresh import of accounts does not overwrite adjustments if changed to zero Amend the figures manually in the computations PROD-5086 Scheduled for Winter release
Read only message appearing in Notifications Panel (Non-practice users) Usage of the application is retained so users can ignore the Notification and proceed with required entries. PROD-5165 TBC
CT600L R&D for SME validating PAYE boxes for periods starting before 1st April 2021

1) Wait for HMRC to update their validations

2) If you need to file and cannot wait for the validation changes: Complete boxes L166, L168 and L168A. L168 should contain an amount which is equal or more than the payable credit arising. If you do not have an PAYE reference the default 123/N can be used. 

Once the validation has been amended an amended return could be filed.

PROD-7739 HMRC updating their validations on 16th September 2022
HMRC Fetch, in some scenarios, where multiple employments are created or multiple fetches are required on a client. Manually amend as needed. PROD-7160 Released in v13.0.045

Other modules/General

Issue Description Workaround Case reference Resolution schedule

In Time, under certain conditions, you cannot select a client in the New Timesheet Log screen, from Time Logs or Timesheets.

Please note this does not affect posting time via a Task/Job, the client record nor the auto-Time tracker.

In the Time Log screen click Multiple entry mode where you can enter the information as needed. If you need to post against an activity, rather than job/task, you can edit the entry to amend as needed. PROD-8073 Released in v13.0.054
Dates/period end skipping on recurrence of a Job where dates are manually set (backdated/forward dated) Create a one-off non templated job for the job in the past and then the other job template will recur automatically next year. PROD-6123 Released in v13.0.045
Tasks Due Date - TaxCalc stops responding for up to 1 minute Manually remove the portfolio manager from clients PROD-8330 Released in v12.4.009
Use client work to set dates should be deactivated on the template level for all that are non work item types Admin Centre > Applications > Practice Manager > Job templates. edit the job template so that the work item is not expected by default. PROD-8315 Released in v13.0.045
VAT Dates not showing on Job even though the business section is set up Edit the job and untick the 'Set client work is ticked' > save and the dates will pull through PROD-8322 TBC
Company Incorporator Locking an incorporation generates Check and Finish messages for missing security information  The missing information has been submitted to Companies House and does not require re-entering when manually polling for a response. PROD-7319 TBC
AML Centre - Slow loading of Firm Wide Compliance  Wait for the module to load, once it has opened navigation within the module is back to normal. PROD-5461 TBC
Any envelopes which have generated a status of "processing" cannot be deleted from the application

Please contact with details of the affected envelope so that we can review the status and confirm the behaviour for you.



Issue Description Workaround Case reference Resolution schedule
HealthCheck too large to send through TaxCalc. How to send a Health Check report PROD-7332 TBC
2FA QR code does not appear after disabling then re-enabling the service. How to Reset the Two-Factor Authentication Details PROD-6417 TBC
2FA Generated authentication codes are incorrect. How do I synchronize my system date and time to use authentication applications N/A N/A
"There is no application set to open the document" when double clicking on a 2021 return on a Mac system. Select Choose Application and choose TaxCalcHub. PROD-5842 TBC
Unable to resize windows Check your scaling in your display settings on windows.  PROD-642 TBC
Display or size issues with TaxCalc on Windows computers Please see Knowledge Base article on: TaxCalc display is too large after update. N/A N/A
Error updating database after restoring an old database into the latest version of TaxCalc Please see Knowledge Base article on: Error Updating Database after restoring from an old backup file. PROD-4777 N/A
Linux / Linux distributions Fetch process does not complete. A blank screen is shown when trying to fetch a new VAT token. PROD-5408,
Article ID: 2633
Last updated: 02 Nov, 2022
Revision: 173
Views: 24440
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