Why can't I print PDF attachments?

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Last updated: 17 Feb, 2021

TaxCalc can only print PDFs created using versions 1.4 to 1.7.

To check the version of your PDF, complete the following steps: 

  1. Open the PDF document.
  2. Click on File in the left-hand corner.
  3. Click on Properties.
  4. Check the version number in the pop-up window.

If you can't print the PDF, you can still submit it to HMRC along with the rest of the return.

If you're still having problems, switch to the TaxCalc Viewer and read the Knowledge Base article How to enable the TaxCalc internal PDF viewer.

Attaching Scanned PDF's

  • Sometimes a PDF has been generated by other document types (such as Word, Excel etc..) but may not always print correctly or show up in the Printing Preferences menu. In order to attach a PDF file, it is recommended you check the following:
    • Reduce the quality of any scanned document to 150 dots per inch. This may be referred to as either fax, lower, or poor quality within the scanning software.
    • Ensure the scanned item is scanned as a document if possible (rather than an image).
    • Reduce the number of colours that are used in the scanned image. if possible disable colour altogether and save the file as 'greyscale'.
    • Do not incorporate logos or any other images that may be contained within the letterhead.
    • Keep the file name concise. (It is not advised to include the name and UTR of the return)
    • Avoid using spaces, and use only lower case letters.

If you are still encountering problems try running your PDF through an online compression tool like PDFCompress

Please note: TaxCalc does not support PDF scanning/conversion software and is unable to provide technical assistance with this.

Article ID: 1302
Last updated: 17 Feb, 2021
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