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Changing the Document Order in an Envelope
Once you've added all your documents to your eSign envelope, you can easily move the order if you so wish. Within the Manage Documents screen, simply drag and drop the documents moving them up or down depending on your order preference.
rating 04 Jul, 2023 Views: 20
Searching for a Business Name
From your Client view in Practice Manager, there is an Advanced Search Options from the Client Type dropdown list for common filtering options. Select this option to display the Advanced Client Search dialog. From here you can search for a client using a free text field. You can enter a business...
rating 04 Jul, 2023 Views: 12
Filtering Clients by Total Fees
Tokens allow you to pull through a variety of client information. The Total fees token provides the client total fees as detailed in the client Services Rendered screen within the client record. You can use tokens in Communications Centre to personalise emails to clients, as well as for filtering...
rating 04 Jul, 2023 Views: 12

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