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Anydesk configuration on Mac systems

Article ID: 3232
Last updated: 09 Mar, 2023

Follow through the below instructions to assist with setting up an AnyDesk session on mac.

IMPORTANT - If the customers broadband is TalkTalk, they will need to visit their online portal or contact TalkTalk customer service to get unblocked. For further information, see attached Knowledge Base: Remote support sessions and TalkTalk

1) Visit > Select the operating system required - Mac in this instance

2) When the download finishes, please ask the customer to locate this within the downloads folder open it if they're confident with where it is located. (Finder > Go (top left inline with the apple logo) > Downloads))

3) Open the AnyDesk download and ask the customer to drag across to applications as prompted, it will look like this for the customer: 

4) Once dragged across, the customer will be able to open up the AnyDesk application from their applications folder. If the customer is having problems locating this folder: (Select Finder > Go > Applications)

5) When the AnyDesk application has been opened, there will be a 9 digit code that appears. Request the customer to read this out to you as you enter it into your AnyDesk session address box.

Once you have attempted to connect to the customer, ask them to select the Accept prompt they are faced with to establish the remote connection.

6) At this point, the customer will be faced with an button that states Configure Permissions. This will open up their security and privacy panel.

If the customer cannot find this button, direct them to the Apple logo > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab.

7) Select the lock button at the bottom left hand side of the Security & Privacy Panel. Advise the customer that they'll need to enter their mac password.

8) Within the Security & Privacy panel, ask the customer to select Accessibility and tick AnyDesk on the right hand panel.

9  Repeat the above step but for Screen Recording that can be found by scrolling down slightly further from Accessibility.

10) The customer will then be prompted that AnyDesk is required to be closed and reopened in order for the changes to take place. Advise they select the prompt Quit Now and then reopen from the applications folder. You will now be able to connect successfully. 

Article ID: 3232
Last updated: 09 Mar, 2023
Revision: 2
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