How to install the Windows version of TaxCalc

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Last updated: 13 Jan, 2021

The process to install the Windows version is broadly the same for Individual and Practice users. Running an installation will install a new version or update an existing copy of TaxCalc.

  • Download the latest version of TaxCalc. Depending upon the version you have, you may be offered TaxCalc for multiple platforms.

You may find the below video walk through of use:

Please Note: If you wish to change your installation type (standalone to network) please contact TaxCalc support at who will guide you through the process.

Individual and standalone Practice users

Practice users (Network)

Individual users and standalone Practice users

  1. Double click on the downloaded file
  2. Depending on your security settings you may be prompted by a user account control box, click Yes to continue.
  3. You now see the Wizard screen click Next to start the installation.
  4. Click I agree once you have reviewed the End User Agreement.
  5. The Next screen will ask for your user name and password. Once you have entered the correct details click next.
  6. The User access options screen is displayed giving two options.Choose the appropriate radio buttons an click Next
    1. Just me will store the database in the users profile path so only that user can use TaxCalc.
    2. All users will store the database in c:\taxcalchub, so other logged in users could use the software if required.
  7. You will now be prompted for the installation location, while it can be changed TaxCalc recommend leaving it at the default. Click Install to continue.
  8. Once the installation is finished, click OK and the program should start.

Please note: The first time you start the program it will take a little longer to start as it is creating/updating the database.

Practice users (Network)

The Network installation is covered in detail in the Knowledge Base item Installing the Network Version - A SimpleStep Guide. This will guide you through all of the steps needed to install the program in a network environment.

Article ID: 2485
Last updated: 13 Jan, 2021
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