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How do I print a copy of my return?

Article ID: 1300
Last updated: 10 Jan, 2019

You can easily print your tax return to a printer or PDF. Please see the below video tutorial for more information.

Alternatively, please see the written instructions below:

  1. Open the tax return.
  2. Click on Check and Finish.
  3. Click on Print.
  4. Click on Next Step in the HMRC warning message (if applicable).
  5. Specify which options you require from the printing preferences list.
  6. Click on Create Preview to produce a preview in TaxCalc or a pdf (depending on your computer's print settings).
  7. Save or print the preview or pdf.

If the document doesn't create the pdf or print,  the following KB article Why can't I print my document or create a PDF? should help work through the issue.

Most problems are solved by switching to the internal PDF viewer. Refer to the Knowledge Base article How to enable the TaxCalc Internal PDF viewer for information on how to do this and the options available.

Article ID: 1300
Last updated: 10 Jan, 2019
Revision: 10
Views: 2187
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