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Can I email my clients directly through Mail Merge?
You can't email your clients directly through Mail Merge, but you can create an email document in Mail Merge and send it via MS Word. This will take a few minutes to setup, but the template and shortcut will make the process much quicker for future use. First, create the document in Mail...
rating 03 Dec, 2021 Views: 2407
How do I define my own work status for accounts and tax work?
TaxCalc allows you to create your own work status for accounts, tax and VAT and Companies House Forms. To add your own status: Select Admin Centre from the home screen. Click on Applications on the left-hand side. Click on Practice Manager on the right side of the screen. Click on...
rating 17 Oct, 2019 Views: 2307
How do I use the demo database?
The demo database allows you to practise using TaxCalc on a separate standalone database and trial its features without having to enter lots of data. To use the demo database, follow these steps: Start up the trial product in TaxCalc. Click on Notifications in the top right-hand corner. ...
rating 23 Oct, 2019 Views: 2293
Getting Started with Practice Manager Plus
Practice Manager Plus is the enhanced integrated practice management solution everyone’s been waiting for. With TaxCalc’s Practice Manager (the enriched and renamed version of our trusted and popular Client Hub) working together with Practice Manager Plus, you can take even more control of how...
rating 03 Nov, 2020 Views: 1897
How do I create a new client?
Before you are able to start working on a client within Tax, Accounts or VAT, you will need to create the client in Practice Manager to store the details against. This is because the work completed will need to be stored against a client in the database. In order to set up a new client, please...
rating 17 Oct, 2019 Views: 1836
How do I import a letter template into Mail Merge?
When using the TaxCalc software, you may already have pre-established templates that you use for contacting you clients via email or post. This article will run through how to import your pre-existing templates and also modify the content to pre-populate data available. If you have pre-existing...
rating 14 Jan, 2022 Views: 1807
What is Advanced Security?
Your TaxCalc customer account is currently accessed through an email address and password combination. These details are also used to license your software. The Advanced Security Settings increase the amount of security set on your account and make it harder for a third party to attempt to gain...
rating 01 Jul, 2021 Views: 1799
How do I import my company details into Practice Manager from the HMRC Client list?
If you have moved over from the HMRC website to TaxCalc, you will be able to extract certain details into a CSV file and import this into TaxCalc to populate your client list. You can do this by following these instructions: Log in to your HMRC account. Go to Services you can use >...
rating 17 Oct, 2019 Views: 1651
GDPR Checklist - Information security checklist
INFORMATION SECURITY CHECKLIST Step 1 of 5: Management and organisational information security 1.1 Risk management Your business identifies, assesses and manages information security risks. Before you can establish what level of security is right for your business you need to review the...
rating 31 Oct, 2019 Views: 1587
What do the EU VAT rules on digital services mean to me?
In January 2015 the European Union (EU) introduced legislation specifying that businesses supplying digital services to customers within the EU must charge VAT at the rate applicable in the country in which the service is ostensibly consumed. This also applies to businesses that themselves are...
rating 23 Oct, 2019 Views: 1525
What is the Business Creation Wizard?
With Making Tax Digital on the horizon, we’re getting you set up for the future. The Business Creation Wizard enables you to define separate businesses within the same client. This will make reporting on multiple businesses with different year ends easier to manage and record specific details...
rating 12 Jan, 2022 Views: 1489
How to allot shares in Taxcalc
In order to allocate shares against a particular person in Practice Manager, you first need to ensure that you have a relationship created for the shareholder. Please complete the following steps if you haven’t already done so: Launch Practice Manager. Double-click on the relevant...
rating 23 Oct, 2019 Views: 1486
How to fix the TaxCalc display when the High DPI settings are set incorrectly
In some cases users prefer to change the zoom settings in TaxCalc rather than their display settings, However, if too radical a change is made to the Advanced Display Settings (High DPI Support) the TaxCalc display can become garbled. In this case the registry setting that control the High DPI...
rating 27 Dec, 2019 Views: 1457
Practice Manager - Sync with Companies House
Sync with Companies House gives you the ability to pull information from the Public Register into TaxCalc. For new limited company clients, TaxCalc can import the following data to create a new client in Practice Manager: Company Name Company Type Company Registration Number Registered...
rating 17 Oct, 2019 Views: 1353
Keeping your account details up to date
It is important that your account details are kept up to date. These details are used to determine and verify the identity of your call. Without the correct or up to date contact details we cannot handle your call as efficiently as possible. Incorrect details can also cause issues administrating...
rating 23 Oct, 2019 Views: 1349

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