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HMRC Filing Exclusions and Special Cases 2019/20
HMRC Filing Exclusions 2019/20 Exclusions have arisen due to the previous introduction of additional allowances and bands for certain types of income, making the calculation of the tax liability more complex. HMRC systems expect our software to match their method of calculation in order for the...
rating 19 Jan, 2021 Views: 464
Information about the Trading/Property allowance
HMRC have published information on their website surrounding their new tax allowance. This new allowance starting from 2017/18 tax year, effectively means that if your income (before expenses) is less than the £1,000 value, you will no longer have to declare or pay tax on this income. If...
rating 05 Dec, 2018 Views: 416
Statutory Residence Test changes relating to COVID-19
The Statutory Residency Test (SRT) is the legislation by which an individual’s UK tax resident status is established. There are a number of automatic tests applied, from which you are deemed to be either non-resident or UK resident or if none of the conditions have been met, a day test will apply...
rating 23 Jun, 2020 Views: 400
How do I nominate my tax refund to a charity?
You can no longer nominate your tax refund to a charity on your tax return. From 6 April 2013 HMRC can no longer make repayments to a charity for any year. If you've requested a charity payment for previous years it will be sent directly to you. If you want to donate your repayment to a...
rating 02 Mar, 2018 Views: 393
Entrepreneurs Relief changes from 11 March 2020
Entrepreneur’s Relief- disposals after 11 March 2020 What has changed? Whilst it was announced in the Budget 2020 that the lifetime allowance would be reduced from £10 million to £1million for disposals made on or after 11 March 2020, at the time of writing, there has been no legislative...
rating 12 Oct, 2020 Views: 373
Why are there no changes to the tax calculations once the Residence and Remittance pages have been complete?
The majority of the boxes presented on the Residence and Remittance pages are for HMRC's information only and therefore no calculations are updated. Usually you would only need to enter the taxable income on the tax return. If you have any non taxable earnings these should be declared in the boxes...
rating 24 Mar, 2020 Views: 349
How do I sort data I've entered into a wizard?
If the wizard contains an underlined heading, you can sort data by that column: Click on the heading to sort the data alphabetically. Click on the heading again to sort the data in reverse order.
rating 15 May, 2015 Views: 340
Why does my text in the 'Any other information' box keep disappearing?
If you enter text in the Any other information box and it disappears, this means that TaxCalc hasn't automatically saved it. TaxCalc automatically saves data every two minutes. However, for TaxCalc to register that you've made a change you need to click outside the box after you've entered text....
rating 03 Aug, 2020 Views: 284
Why am i not receiving basic rate relief for finance costs?
The HMRC guidance document confirms below the factors which have to be applicable in order for the relief to be available: Individuals will be able to claim a basic rate tax reduction from their Income Tax liability on the portion of finance costs not deducted in calculating the profit. In...
rating 19 Feb, 2021 Views: 217
Does TaxCalc cater for foreign residency or Dual Tax pages?
Yes, TaxCalc caters for foreign and dual residency pages. The residence and remittance pages have wizards which help you fill the criteria while calculating your tax, so you always know how much you need to pay or are owed. You can calculate your personal allowances by virtue of Double Taxation...
rating 07 Aug, 2020 Views: 215
What penalty will I pay if I miss the filing deadline?
The online filing deadline is 31 January. Registration can take between seven and 10 days, so make sure you register early to allow yourself plenty of time to file. If you file your return after the deadline, HMRC will charge you a £100 penalty. You’ll have to pay this even if: your return...
rating 18 Mar, 2016 Views: 201
How do I use the Annual pension allowance details wizard for defined benefit schemes
How do I use the Annual Pension Allowance details wizard for defined benefit schemes? Whilst our wizard refers to terminology for defined contribution pension schemes, it can be used to determine the annual allowance and any resulting pension tax charge for defined benefit schemes, (also known...
rating 12 Oct, 2020 Views: 179
Information about the Scottish tax rate for 2018/19
This article looks at the Scottish rates of income tax for the 2018/19 tax year. For information regarding 2016/17 and 2017/18 and how to change the rate being applied to the tax calculation please click here Scottish tax bands and rates Although there was a small change between the UK and...
rating 01 Jun, 2018 Views: 164
Pension Tax Charge payment rounding - HMRC Special Case 32
For the 2019/20 tax year, if your pension contributions entered on your tax return have exceeded the annual allowance (currently £40,000), you may have incurred a pension tax charge and this will appear on the SA302 Summary (Subject to entries within SimpleStep Mode > Tax Reliefs and...
rating 04 Aug, 2020 Views: 131
tcSyncCH message when filing an SA100 return. The program requests the user to use the synchronisation tool
Some individual users have reported that the following message is seen at the 'check and finish' stage when they are filing an SA100 return If you are an individual user this message should not be appearing and can safely be ignored. Do not try to synchronise the data. Important: If you...
rating 17 Oct, 2019 Views: 127

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