Communications Centre – Switch your existing Microsoft Accounts to the new provider type

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Last updated: 27 Mar, 2024

If you have already set up any Microsoft mailboxes (Office365, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, etc) within Communications Centre, you may need to take action to continue to use them.  

The Office 365 or Outlook provider types have been re-named in TaxCalc Hub to Office 365 (legacy) and Outlook (legacy) and may stop working from 31 March 2024. This is because they use SMTP connections in an older interface that Microsoft are starting to decommission.  

There is now a new provider type called Microsoft Email which you should use to connect to any Microsoft mailbox types (Office 365, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, etc).  

If you haven’t yet set up your mailboxes then see our Knowledge Base Article Setting up a Microsoft Mailbox in Communications Centre.  

Changing your mailbox provider type  

If you have already set up mailboxes for your firm and/or users using Outlook (legacy) or Office 365 (legacy) types then changing them and re-authorising is simple.

Please Note: Any existing automations or pending emails using these existing mailboxes will still work after change the type and re-authorising.  

  1. Open Admin Centre and navigate to the office or user for whom you need to change the mailbox type:  
  • Office mailbox, go to Admin Centre > Firm Details > Edit Office > Outgoing Email Settings 

  • User mailbox, go to Admin Centre > Users > Edit User > Outgoing Email Settings 

  1. Click on the row in the table on screen for the mailbox that you want to change and then click the Edit button. 

  1. From the Mailbox Settings dialog, change the Email provider at the top to Microsoft Email: 

  1. All required details should still be completed, so simply click on the Authorise button to open the Microsoft login screens and allow you to re-authorise this account.  

For more detail on authorising your Microsoft mailbox see our Knowledge Base Article Setting up a Microsoft mailbox in Communications Centre.  

Article ID: 3377
Last updated: 27 Mar, 2024
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