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OAuth Authorisation for setting up SMPT Details

Article ID: 3338
Last updated: 01 Nov, 2023

TaxCalc supports the OAuth standard for authorising email for some providers. If the provider supports OAuth (currently Outlook or Office365) then you will see two options:

  • Simple (or basic) authentication
  • OAuth authorisation

If TaxCalc (or the email provider) does not currently support OAuth then the simple authentication option is chosen automatically for you.

Authorising using OAuth Authorisation:

Admin Centre > Firm Details > New/Edit Office

Admin Centre > Users > New/Edit User 

Setting up the SMTP details:

  1. From the Outgoing Email Settings screen click Add.

The Add SMTP details dialog is displayed.

  1. From the dropdown list, select the Email provider that supports OAuth authentication, currently Outlook or Office365.

Please note: Some email providers will require you to turn off the secure app setting. For example, when using a Gmail account, you will need to go to the Account Settings, Security, and enable Less secure app access. Please see KB3193 - Why can't I verify the SMTP Outgoing Email Setting? for more details.

The SMTP server details should be automatically populated once the email provider is selected. If you have selected Other, you can manually enter them, for example,

  1. Enter the email address you wish to use for the Email.
  2. Select the Encryption type:
  1. Enter the SMTP port, this is usually either 587 or 465. If it is neither of these, then you will need to contact your IT team who will be able to provide you with this information.
  2. In the From name field, enter the name you would like the email to be from, for example, Practice Group.
  3. Enter the Username, which is usually the same as the email address.
  4. If you have selected a provider that supports Oath authorisation (currently Outlook or Office365) select Authorise this email account using OAuth (recommended).

An Authorisation section is displayed.

  1. Click the Authorise button.

An Authorise Mailbox dialog screen is displayed.

  1. Enter the required email provider information.

If the authorisation is successful, you are returned to the TaxCalc Add SMTP details dialog and the screen is updated with the message Successfully Authorised.

  1. If the authorisation has expired, the following message is displayed, Authorisation may have expired. Re-authorise using the button above.

Please note: Depending on your set up, re-authorisation is due every 90 days. However, you will also need to reauthorise if authorisation fails.

  1. Once authorised, click Save and close.
Article ID: 3338
Last updated: 01 Nov, 2023
Revision: 2
Views: 90
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