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Importing director dividends from Accounts Production into the SA100

Article ID: 3297
Last updated: 14 Mar, 2023

How can I import director dividends from the company accounts into a tax return (SA100)?

Dividend information for directors' individual tax returns can be viewed and selected within the tax return, rather than searching for the amounts separately in Accounts Production. This functionality relies on a relationship existing between the company and the director, so that the director is displayed as an officer within the accounts. In addition, you will need to ensure that the directors dividends postings have been allocated to a director within the Postings screen. 

Creating a relationship between the director and the company

The relationship can be created in the client record (Relationships) or in Accounts Production as follows:

Open a client accounting period > Client information > Officers 

  • Click on 'Manage Relationships' which will display any existing relationships
  • Click on 'Create Relationship' and browse for the director
  • Once director is highlighted click 'Continue'
  • Select 'Director' from the dropdown box and enter a date of commencement
  • Click 'Continue' then 'Finish and Save'.

Allocating a director to dividend postings in Accounts Production

A director name can be allocated during entry of the transactions or by editing the posting batch:

Accounts Production > Posting

  • Highlight and double click on the posting batch you wish to edit
  • Click in the column 'Directors' for the row you wish to edit
  • Use the dropdown to select the relevant director*

* If no directors appear in the dropdown, the relationship has not been set up- see above.

SA100 importing dividends

Open the SA100 for the director and

In SimpleStep:

  • Navigate to Other income > Savings and investments > Shares and unit trusts
  • Click on the wand adjacent to the box 'Dividends and other qualifying distributions from UK companies, including directors dividends'

  • Click on 'Import Dividends' button at the bottom of the screen
    • All dividend transactions for the director, posted into accounting period spanning the tax year will appear and will be ticked for import
  • Tick 'Only show dividends where the posting date is within the 2021/22 tax year' (box at the bottom left of the screen) if these are the only dividends to be posted *
  • Click 'Import' and the dividend entries will be displayed

In HMRC Forms

The same functionality can be found in SA100 Core > Page 3 > Box 4 Dividends from UK companies

* The default transaction date in Accounts Production is the period end date. There may be dividend transactions entered using the default date but were actually paid before this date. We recommend using the actual transaction date for dividends, where possible, for clarity with which transactions should be included within the tax year.

Article ID: 3297
Last updated: 14 Mar, 2023
Revision: 14
Views: 21
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