Setting up a Gmail mailbox in Communications Centre

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Last updated: 27 Mar, 2024

TaxCalc connects to your Gmail mailbox using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Gmail which is an internet standard communication protocol that allows you to send outgoing emails from your email provider.  

To start sending emails from TaxCalc you will need to provide the details for your Gmail account and authorise TaxCalc to connect on your behalf to send emails.   

Setting up an app passwords for your Gmail mailbox 

Before you start, you’ll need to set up an app password for Google. This may require you to go to the Account Settings, Security and enable Less secure app access. Please see KB3028 - SMTP Application Passwords for more information.  

Adding a new Mailbox  

There are two places in which a mailbox can be added in TaxCalc depending on whether the mailbox will be used by multiple users within an office (Office settings) or whether it’s a personal mailbox for a specific user (User settings).  

For an Office mailbox, go to Admin Centre > Firm Details > Edit Office > Outgoing Email Settings 

For a User mailbox, go to Admin Centre > Users > Edit User > Outgoing Email Settings 

Then from the relevant Outgoing Email Settings page: 

1 – Select Add to open the following Mailbox Settings screen: 


2 – For the Email provider choose Gmail to see all options relevant to Gmail accounts: 

3 – The SMTP server for Gmail should be entered for you as ‘’ 

4 – Enter the Email address for the mailbox that you are adding (for example )  

5 – The Encryption type and SMTP port for Gmail should be entered for you as ‘SSL/TLS’ and ‘465’ respectively (it’s usually either 465 or 587)  

6 – In the From Name field, enter the name as it should display on the sent email 

7 – Next enter the Username (which should be the same as the email already entered above) and Email password.

Please Note: When using an app password (see above) you should use this password as opposed to your usual Gmail password.  

8 – Once all the details are correct, click the Email Passcode button to send a passcode to the specified email address which will verify that the setup details are working. 

Please Note: By clicking Email passcode you allow TaxCalc to send emails on your behalf and as a result you may be sharing sensitive information with this site or app. Read how TaxCalc manages your data on our term of privacy policy. 

9 – Once you’ve received the passcode, enter the 6 digit code and click Verify:  

  1. – You’ll then see confirmation that the setup information has been verified:  

11- If the information you’ve entered is invalid, a message is displayed advising that the SMTP details are incorrect. 

Due to the security settings enabled on your email account you may need to setup App passwords, this process is detailed within the following articles.  

Why can't I verify the SMTP Outgoing Email setting for Gmail? 

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Last updated: 27 Mar, 2024
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