1046 - I am trying to file a partnership tax return (SA800) for myself or friends and family

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Last updated: 29 Jun, 2021

The best course of action is to attempt the below to verify your account setup and the UTR required for the submission.

Step 1: Are you able to successfully log in to the HMRC government gateway portal?

TaxCalc has the ability to import the entries for the HMRC User ID and password (if imported from last year’s return completion) but there is no way to recover the password (which appears as dots for security purposes). You should therefore have a note of what these details are. We would recommend attempting to log in to the website by manually inputting the details instead of using autosaved credentials within an internet browser window.

If unsuccessful, you will need to complete the options to reset your password as needed. Note, TaxCalc will display the HMRC User ID in plain text which can be referred back to if needed. Please note, HMRC changed their password requirements in June 2020 and if completing the reset, this now must meet the below criteria:

  • Minimum length: 10 characters
  • Maximum length: 128 characters
  • Contain ANY UTF-8 character (special characters)
  • Case sensitive

Once successful, please ensure you make a note of the username and password that allows you in.

Step 2: Is the required service for the submission activated?

When HMRC generate an online account, they create an empty account with a new HMRC User ID and password. You are then required to activate the required service to link the UTR number as required.

Once logged in, depending on how the account has been setup, you may automatically be taken to a page listing your UTR in the top right hand corner which would verify the service has been activated. If this is the case, please move on to step 3 once you have made a manual note of the UTR required.

If there are multiple services enabled (for example, you may have the self assessment for individuals and the self assessment for partnership service enabled) you may need to click on the service which you are attempting to file for first. You should see an option for “services you can use” where you will then click on the Self Assessment for Partnerships option.

If there is no UTR listed in the top right hand corner or a link for Services you can use, you should see a section for services you can add where it will request details of the service and the UTR number as required. Note if you are having to register for the service, this will mean you are unable to make the submission straight away as HMRC send an activation code by post to the registered address held on their system. After the activation code has been applied, it can still take between 24 and 48 hours for the account to be updated and for the submission to be accepted.

Once you have been able to log in and you can see the UTR number applicable, please make a manual note of this too.

Step 3: Deleting and re-entering the details in TaxCalc

If the above steps have verified the information you require for submission, we would recommend clicking on Check and Finish > File Online > Re-submit where all 3 pieces of information are displayed.

You should analyse the UTR presented in the top right-hand corner. If this matches the confirmation obtained at Step 2, we suspect there is a block on the UTR in question and you will need to enquire with HMRC as to why your account is unable to file for this specific UTR in question.

If it is incorrect, you will need to browse to the data entry screen (Partnership Details in SimpleStep mode or SA800 > Page 1 in HMRC Forms mode) to modify the entry before re-attempting the submission.

We then recommend deleting both the HMRC User ID field and the HMRC password field and manually reinputting these details. If you tick the show password on entry box, you will be able to see the entry being typed in, to confirm this matches exactly what HMRC require.

Once you have finalised and reviewed the 3 entries match what HMRC expect, you should then be able to file online successfully.

Article ID: 3176
Last updated: 29 Jun, 2021
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