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Migrate from a Standalone database to CloudConnect

Article ID: 2632
Last updated: 04 Apr, 2017

It is possible to migrate a standalone database to the TaxCalc CloudConnect environment. However the database format must be converted first as the cloud structure requires a different format to that of a standalone database.

A member of TaxCalc's technical support will manage the process for you. The amount of time taken to convert the data will vary depending on how many databases need migrating and the number of machines that require access to the CloudConnect server. 

The process will differ slightly depending on whether the migration is done on the customer machines or in house but the basic steps remain the same:

  1. If not already complete, the technician will advise on completing the Advanced Security Settings on the website. This must be done before a migration can take place.
  2. TaxCalc is updated to the latest release version (if not already up to date).
  3. Any files stored as tax returns rather than in the database are imported into the database.
  4. A backup is made.
  5. The migration to convert the standalone database to the CloudConnect-compatible version is run.
  6. Any inconsistencies in the database are checked and corrected.
  7. The technician switches the system to CloudConnect.
  8. The database is uploaded to the CloudConnect infrastructure.
  9. The technician will then assist in tidying up and ensuring at least 2 to 3 workstations can access TaxCalc CloudConnect as expected.

Multiple Databases and Exporting Tax Returns

If there is more than one database that needs migrating, it may require manual intervention by TaxCalc to retrieve the returns from the secondary database and import them into the main database instance.

It is not possible to export Accounts Production clients from multiple databases. Any accounts that need to be transferred to a migrated database from a secondary database will require some manual re-entry into the system. The Knowledge Base article How do I move an Accounts Production client from one TaxCalc database to another? has more information. Moving any Accounts Production data will be the customer's responsibility.

Cost of Migrations

There is a charge for migration from a standalone instance of TaxCalc to CloudConnect. If there are multiple databases this will incur an increased cost. Please contact your Account Manager or the Support team for more information.

Article ID: 2632
Last updated: 04 Apr, 2017
Revision: 29
Views: 387
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