What is Advanced Security?

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Last updated: 01 Jul, 2021

Your TaxCalc customer account is currently accessed through an email address and password combination. These details are also used to license your software.

The Advanced Security Settings increase the amount of security set on your account and make it harder for a third party to attempt to gain access to both your details and the software.

Advanced security will add the following security to your account;

Two Factor Authentication

A passcode is sent to your registered UK mobile when attempting to logon to our website.

Secondary License Credentials

These have been created to pass onto your employees or third parties that you do not wish to have access to your main account details.  A second username and password are created, these credentials can only be used to download and license the software. 

Administrator Password Reset

The ability to reset the admin password within the program has now been removed.  Your administrator credentials can only be reset by logging onto our website, or by answering the challenge questions, which allow our support team to manually reset your password.      

Security Questions

Advanced security will allow you create security questions. When configured this will allow us to challenge your staff if your account details need updating or passwords resetting.  By being able to confirm the identify of your employees we will be able to make changes to your account.

The first security question will control administration of ;

  • the main credentials required to log into this website (email address, password, and mobile phone number).
  • other contact information, such as the name of the company, main account holder name, address and telephone numbers.
  • the username and password required to license the software.

The second security question will allow us to update your admin password which is the default TaxCalc login to the software. 

CloudConnect Monitor

CloudConnect customers will be provided with a page to monitor and control who is logging into their database and from where.

IMPORTANT: Without supplying the correct credentials and responses to security questions, TaxCalc staff will not be able to assist in resetting any details on your account.

Article ID: 2603
Last updated: 01 Jul, 2021
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