How to allow the TaxCalc installer to execute on Linux

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Last updated: 23 Jan, 2020

When attempting to install TaxCalc on a Linux machine, you may get the following message.

This is because the file needs to be made executable.

Some distributions may allow you to select a button 'make executable and run', in which case you may choose that option and skip the following options.

Option 1

  1. Right click on the file in the file manager and click Properties.
  2. Click the Permissions tab and tick the box that says Allow executing file as program.
  3. Double-click the file to execute it.

Option 2

If you cannot install and Option 1 doesn't work:

  1. Open a terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal) (on some systems just type terminal in the search box).
  2. Enter cd /home/user/Downloads.
  3. Enter chmod +x
  4. Enter ./
  5. If Step 4 fails with a message including 'permission denied', try entering sudo ./ (entering your password when prompted).

Please Note: Replace the name of the file in the examples above with the actual name of the file you have downloaded.

The installer will now run and complete the TaxCalc installation as normal. More help can be found on the installation in the Knowledge Base article How to install the native Linux version of TaxCalc.

Article ID: 2472
Last updated: 23 Jan, 2020
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