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How do I use the Data Mine wizard?

Article ID: 2328
Last updated: 17 Oct, 2019

The Data Mine wizard enables you to filter your entire client database by specific criteria. For example, you can search for anyone who is due to make a payment on account.

You can access the Data Mine wizard in Administration, Report Manager or Mail Merge. Once you've created a data mine search, you can use it in both Report Manager and Mail Merge.

Opening the Data Mine wizard


  1. On the home screen click on Administration.
  2. Select Applications from the left-hand menu.
  3. Double-click on Practice Manager in the table.
  4. In the new Customise Practice Manager tab, select Data Mine from the left-hand menu to open the wizard.

Report Manager or Mail Merge

  1. Open Report Manager or Mail Merge.
  2. Create a new report or mail merge.
  3. On the Client Selection screen, select Advanced client selection (Data Mine).
  4. Click on Data Mine to open the wizard.

Using the Data Mine wizard

You can use the Data Mine wizard to search for clients using one or more conditions.

Adding conditions

  1. Open the Data Mine wizard.
  2. Click on Add Condition.
  3. Find and click on the condition you want to use. They'll be grouped by type – for example, Practice Manager fields or Tax Return fields.
  4. Click on Choose.
  5. Check that the condition is correct (text at the bottom of the window).

Editing conditions

  1. Click on Next to confirm the condition.
  2. Select the field(s) you want to fine-tune. For example, in the date field you can define certain dates for on or after or between.
  3. To add an extra condition to the search, click on Add Condition.
  4. To add an alternative condition to the search, click Add OR.
  5. To delete a condition, click X.

Running a data mine search

If you save the data mine search you can use it for other reports and mail merges without having to re-enter the conditions. To save a search, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Save and Run.
  2. Name the data mine (this is required and must be unique).
  3. Enter a Description of the data mine (optional).
  4. Select Public (can be re-used by all users) or Private (can be re-used by the user who created it only).

If you don't want to save the search click Run Only (in Report Manager or Mail Merge – not Administration). You can use these search conditions until you change them but you can't use them in other reports or mail merges.

PLEASE NOTE: Search results will exclude archived clients and files that are password protected. To include archived clients, tick the Include Archive Clients box at the bottom of the wizard.

Using a previous data mine search

You can use a data mine search that's already been created by following these steps:

  1. Open the Data Mine wizard.
  2. Click on Load Data Mine.
  3. Select one.
  4. Click on Use to load the data mine into the wizard.
  5. Use the data mine search on the current report or mail merge, or amend it as required.
  6. Save as a new data mine if required.
Article ID: 2328
Last updated: 17 Oct, 2019
Revision: 11
Views: 18400
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