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How to reset the licence details on a Mac

Article ID: 2271
Last updated: 27 Dec, 2019

On occasion you may need to reset your licence details on a mac. This may be required if:

  • you have changed your password for the website login and the program is not asking you to enter the new email/password details
  • you get an Error Code 31 telling you the licence details are incorrect, or
  • after having purchased the new year licence the program still prompts you to purchase it

The following process deletes the preference files so that you are prompted for the licence again. Please note, if you are trying to do this on a windows machine, you will need to follow the instructions in our article for How to force TaxCalc to re-licence.

The reboot is required to clear the system cache but MUST be done in the correct order so please note the important instruction at step 5.

  1. Open Finder
  2. On the top bar, click on Go > Go to folder
  3. Enter ~/Library and then Go
  4. Browse to the Preferences folder
  5. Delete the com.acorahsoftwareproducts.taxcalchub.plist file (you might not see the .plist part of the filename). If there are any other files in this location starting com.acorah.. please delete these as well
    Important: do not open TaxCalc at this point otherwise the process will not succeed. If you have already done so just start again from step 1.
  6. Close Finder
  7. Restart the mac. We would recommend manually turning this off and on again
  8. Once restarted, open TaxCalc and enter the correct account details when prompted
Article ID: 2271
Last updated: 27 Dec, 2019
Revision: 16
Views: 2502
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