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Delayed response / Return keeps polling when filing to HMRC

Article ID: 2117
Last updated: 03 Aug, 2020

If you receive a status from HMRC of Delayed Response when attempting to file online, this usually means that HMRC's processing systems are very busy.

This won't affect the submission of the return itself but it does mean that the Submission Finished message won't be as prompt as usual.

When you submit tax return data, HMRC processes the data and TaxCalc polls for a response (either Success or Fail). This usually comes back within 10–15 seconds but it can sometimes take a lot longer.

If HMRC's processing slows right down and a response isn't received within a reasonable amount of time, TaxCalc displays the Resume button. Clicking on the Resume button polls the gateway and attempts to complete the process. The gateway holds the responses for up to 28 days.

To collect a delayed response from HMRC, follow these steps:

  1. Check our HMRC Status page to ensure that there are no reported issues.
  2. Click Check & Finish.
  3. Click File Online.
  4. Click on the drop-down box on the top right and look for Unfinished.
  5. Select the earliest Unfinished entry.
  6. Click Resume – this will pick up the response by polling HMRC again.

Note: TaxCalc will only attempt to collect a delayed response on live submissions. If you've filed a test submission to HMRC, TaxCalc won't display the Resume button but HMRC will email you with the response as soon as it's available. These submissions will need to be resubmitted.

Article ID: 2117
Last updated: 03 Aug, 2020
Revision: 14
Views: 3689
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