How do I setup a user?

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When TaxCalc is set up on a network, each person who will be logging in needs to have their own user account. Only one person can be logged in as the admin user. If someone else tries to log in as the admin user at the same time, they will force the other person off the system. This SimpleStep guide shows you how to set up a user.

Step 1: Log into TaxCalc as the admin user

Open TaxCalc and log in with your user account details.

Step 2: Open Administration

Launch Admin Centre from the home screen.

Step 3: Open the Users Admin Panel

When Administration opens, select Users from the left-hand menu.

The screen will show the user accounts that have already been created. If TaxCalc has just been installed it will just show the admin account.

Select New User from the left-hand menu.

Step 4: New User SimpleStep

The New User SimpleStep will open.

Click on Continue.

About the User

Fill in all the red boxes, using the following table to help you.

Username and Password

The username is the account name that the user will use to log in. It is case sensitive. To make the username easy to remember, we recommend that you use a person’s full name without spaces. For example: samanthaashdown, mariawilson.

The password is also case-sensitive and should contain 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, 1 special character. This will ensure that the users password is strong so only they can gain access.

Initials Initials are used to stamp certain transactions in TaxCalc, such as postings in Accounts Production.
User role type The user role type denotes what a user can and cannot do. You can find out more by going to Security Roles in Administration. By default, Administrator has the most capability in the system and will allow the user to do everything that the admin user can do.

A portfolio is a collection of clients, usually assigned to a fee earner in the practice. Often the fee earner will be the proprietor or the partners of a firm. When clients are created, you can assign them to portfolios, which can then be used to run reports.

Click on Continue.

Client Restriction

This section is optional for you to complete. If you do not want this user to see specific clients then select specific clients and add the clients that you do not want the user to see. Otherwise you can leave this as All clients and click Continue.

Office and Contacts Details

This information is optional.

Click on Continue.

Online Filing Settings

This information is optional.

Sometimes a user will want to use their own filing credentials to submit a tax return. You can enter them here and when the user files a return, they can choose whether to use the firm’s filing credentials or their own. If you leave this blank, the user must use the firm’s filing credentials.

Click on Continue.


If there are any errors they will be marked with hyperlinks – underlined text within the error. Click on the hyperlink to resolve the error.

When you have resolved all errors, click on Finish and Save. The SimpleStep will close and the new user will appear in the Users Admin Panel.

You can edit the user’s account at any time by choosing them from the table and clicking on Edit User.

Other things you can do on this screen

Click on a user's account to select the following commands from the left-hand menu.

Edit user Edit the user’s account on the system – a SimpleStep will open.
Reset password This allows the user to reset their password when they next log into TaxCalc.
Suspend/Restore If a user leaves your firm you can suspend their access. You cannot delete a user from the system. You can also restore their access if necessary.
Log out user Log out a user from TaxCalc remotely. If a user leaves TaxCalc open on their computer, they could prevent the system from running an update or stop another user from using Accounts Production or Tax Return Production.

Step 5: Log into the new account

The final step is for the new user to log in to TaxCalc.

In this particular example below, we have set up an account for Samantha Ashdown and her username is samanthaashdown.

When she starts the software on his computer, she will enter the username samanthaashdown. A temporary password was set when the user was created within the Administration screens.

When she clicks on Login, the following window will display and a new password will need to be created by the user.

The password has to be entered twice to prevent any typographical errors.

When Samantha clicks on Login, she will log in to TaxCalc.

Her name will appear in the Notifications menu in the top right-hand corner of the window.

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