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Database Related
External connections into the TaxCalc database
In line with our EULA TaxCalc does not permit third party software to insert, delete, interrogate, or in any way interact with the data held within the TaxCalc database. Whilst it is technically possible to connect to a TaxCalc database, outside of the application, it is not an area we can support...
rating 27 Sep, 2018 Views: 602
QPSQL Unable to connect error after restoring from a backup file.
A QPSQL error may occur after a restore has been attempted in TaxCalc using a backup file that is stored or had been saved to a remote location. To resolve this issue the database needs to be removed. Then a new backup file should be created and saved to the C:\TaxCalcHub on the old server....
rating 17 Jan, 2022 Views: 427
Error message when restoring database: Please close other [n] connections to DB (hub) and try again
If you receive this error message when restoring a database, it means that the program is unable to close all the active connections to the database. First, make sure that no other users are logged into TaxCalc and try to restore the database again. If this doesn't work, follow these steps...
rating 18 Mar, 2016 Views: 369
Is there a network version of TaxCalc for Mac and Linux machines?
With the release of the Mac and Linux versions of TaxCalc for standalone computers, and the subsequent CloudConnect offering, we have been working toward releasing the network capable version of the program for the Mac and Linux platforms. While work and testing on the Server portions of TaxCalc...
rating 12 Dec, 2016 Views: 361
How do I switch between my live database and the demo database?
When trialling a TaxCalc product you have the option to use a Demo Database supplied by TaxCalc, or your live database. The Demo Database allows you to practice using TaxCalc on a separate standalone database and trial its features without having to enter lots of data. Any data you enter into the...
rating 20 Jul, 2022 Views: 281
TaxCalc will not work after using AdvancedSystemCare
After using AdvanceSyetemCare utilities to clean their PC a customer reported that TaxCalc (network version) would not start. Further investigation showed that the PostgreSQL service (The database back-end) had been disabled. This meant TaxCalc would not work as it had no way of writing to or...
rating 21 Mar, 2016 Views: 234

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