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CT600 Corporation Tax Return
How do I declare on the CT600 return that the company has ceased trading?
HMRC are usually able to pick this information up from the Companies House website automatically (as long as the necessary actions have been completed to inform Companies House). When Companies House have been informed and HMRC have picked up this information from them, this will disable the...
rating 01 Jul, 2016 Views: 2407
CT600 (version 3) Important Information
This form will be used for periods starting on or after 1st April 2015. After a successful beta of this return type, online filing has been enabled. If you do notice anything unusual, you should report it to the Support Team at Please note that the 2015 CT form no longer...
rating 23 Dec, 2015 Views: 2222
You must enter the Type of capital allowances / purchase date
If you receive either of these error messages when you click on Check & Finish, it means that there's an empty asset somewhere within the Capital Allowance wizard. To correct this you will need to go into the Capital Allowance wizard in SimpleStep mode and remove the empty asset. Further...
rating 20 Feb, 2020 Views: 2135
How do I complete a CT600 for a property company? (Business users)
To complete a CT600 for a property company, follow these steps: Open the CT600. Go to Company Type (SimpleStep mode) or Information (HMRC Forms mode). Tick the box labelled Should the company be taxed as a Property Business (formerly Schedule A)? Open the Tax Adjusted Profit/(Loss)...
rating 03 Aug, 2020 Views: 2087
How do I add a new asset to the Capital Allowances grid?
To enter a new asset on the Capital Allowances grid, first go into the Capital Allowances wizard. SimpleStep mode SA100 – Your Work > Self Employment > Short/Full Form – Details > Capital Allowances SA800 – Trades or professions for (XXX) > Capital allowances for > CA...
rating 03 Aug, 2020 Views: 2032
How to complete the entries for notice of consent (CT600C) using V3 Form
CT600C Group and Consortium This article covers the V3 form of CT600 If you are completing the group and consortium pages to either claim or surrender losses for group relief, you may have to add a notice of consent form, if there is no simplified arrangement in place. Simplified...
rating 12 Feb, 2021 Views: 1950
How do I fix problems with print preview in TaxCalc?
If you're having problems with print preview, follow these steps to reinstall Adobe Acrobat Reader: Uninstall the program: Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program Uninstall any instances of Adobe Reader Reboot your PC. Go to the Adobe website for the latest version of...
rating 13 Mar, 2017 Views: 1945
Why can't I print PDF attachments?
TaxCalc can only print PDFs created using versions 1.4 to 1.7. To check the version of your PDF, complete the following steps: Open the PDF document. Click on File in the left-hand corner. Click on Properties. Check the version number in the pop-up window. If you can't print the PDF,...
rating 17 Feb, 2021 Views: 1914
How do I remove the watermark when printing a return?
If you want to remove a watermark from a tax return, you'll need to amend the printing preferences: Open the tax return. Click on Check and Finish. Click on Print. Click on Next Step in the HMRC warning message (if applicable). Un-tick Would you like to add a watermark? (towards the bottom...
rating 03 Aug, 2020 Views: 1744
How do I offset current year trading losses against other profits or chargeable gains on a CT600?
To offset current year trading losses against other profits or chargeable gains on a CT600, follow these steps: Go to the Trading Losses Record page: HMRC Forms mode – go to CT600 > Computations > Trading Losses Record SimpleStep mode – go to CT600 > Trade and Professional...
rating 24 Mar, 2020 Views: 1686
How do I unlock my return?
Your return is locked if: all fields in TaxCalc are filled in yellow a no-entry symbol appears when you hover over the fields with your mouse you can't enter data into the fields. To unlock the return, follow these steps: Click on File from the top menu. Remove the tick next to Lock...
rating 02 Mar, 2018 Views: 1563
HMRC toolkits to help reduce errors in tax returns
HMRC publishes a series of toolkits to give guidance on areas where there are frequent errors in tax returns. These toolkits also set out steps you can take to reduce these errors. They are updated every year as required. The toolkits are available on the HMRC website (as PDFs) and cover the...
rating 17 Jun, 2016 Views: 940
The company Registration number entered in the Accounts does not match the registration number on the CT600
If you receive this error message it means that either the downloaded file is corrupt or it contains special characters that HMRC can't read. Corrupt file If you opened the downloaded file and then used File > Save As, it might be corrupt. The correct way to save a downloaded file is to...
rating 31 Mar, 2017 Views: 917
Why aren't the IRmark and time stamp appearing when I print a tax return?
If the IRmark and time stamp are on the pdf preview but don't appear when you print your return, check your printer settings: Go to the heading Page Sizing & Handling. Click on Fit. Click on Fit to printable area or Shrink to fit (or similar). Print document. The IRmark and time stamp...
rating 18 May, 2015 Views: 737
Why is the loss figure on my return shown without brackets?
If your return has one box for profit and another for loss, the loss figure will appear without brackets. Brackets are only used to denote a negative figure when the same box is used for profit and loss.
rating 20 Aug, 2015 Views: 640

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