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I have just imported from Xero and want to use the same mappings on a different client, can I use the same import map?
Yes. Importing for the first time on a new client: Select Posting > Import Trial Balance > Third Party API > Xero It is now mandatory to enable Two-factor Authentication when using Xero If you have not enabled it in Admin Centre, when you go to Accounts Production→Import Trial...
rating 10 Sep, 2021 Views: 464
Can I change the default text for a note and apply it to all clients?
TaxCalc provides default text for many of the notes to the accounts which can be edited on a client by client basis. The option to set/update the default text for notes is available under: 1. Admin Centre 2. Applications 3. Accounts Production 4. Customise Accounts 5. Notes and Reports...
rating 09 Aug, 2018 Views: 416
TaxCalc integration with FreeAgent
TaxCalc’s integration platform offers integration with online accounting software FreeAgent for Practice and Non-Practice users. TaxCalc Accounts Production provides you with an easy-to-use wizard to import a year-end trial balance directly from FreeAgent in a few simple steps for both...
rating 12 Apr, 2021 Views: 364
Why is a Share Capital Note being included in the Financial Statements?
The statutory format as per Small Companies Regime require that the amount of allotted share capital and the amount of called up share capital which has been paid up must be shown separately. TaxCalc includes the Share Capital Note in the Financial Statements by default however, an option is...
rating 24 Oct, 2019 Views: 315
Why am I getting a full breakdown of Debtors/Creditors in the notes to Financial Statements?
A detailed breakdown of the debtors/creditors will be disclosed in the Notes to Financial Statements by default, however an option is available in the left-hand menu to show reduced disclosure (as allowed by the Small Companies Regime). Menu – Edit Notes – Debtors / Untick Show a breakdown...
rating 24 Oct, 2019 Views: 248
How can I identify which notes (under Edit Notes) are required by company law (FRS 102 1A)?
Filter options are available within Edit Notes (from version 6.2); the combo-box includes options show only notes that are required by law (aka mandatory) OR encouraged by FRS (applies to FRS 102 1A only); and another to show only notes that are on OR off (all standards). The addition of these...
rating 15 Feb, 2018 Views: 208
How to Disconnect from the Xero Client
Please note: Xero functionality requires users to be on version 11.15.087 or higher. Please go to Help > About to verify your software version and update as required, to continue to use the integrations with Xero. You will see in the top right-hand side of the Posting screen that you are now...
rating 26 Jul, 2021 Views: 125
Advanced Rounding - Sole Trader Capital Account
When Apply advanced rounding rules has been selected, a series of reconciliations and rounding adjustments will be automatically carried out to make sure the rounded closing position, for the Sole Trader’s Capital Account, matches what the rounded opening position in the subsequent accounting...
rating 21 Jun, 2022 Views: 5

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